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Gilded Gliders


The Gilded Glider is a bodysuit developed by the research division of The Golden Arcanum to help in stealth infiltration, especially with those in The Golden Blades. It has flaps between the arms and legs that increase the lift of the user allowing them to glide through the air from a high place.  


Research into the Gilded Glider first began after The Gold-Silver War II, especially the Siege of the Silver City. Some members of the Arcanum believed that if key operatives fly in from above over pertinent walls and open the gates from the inside, then they would reduce the chances of fatalities during sieges, as well as reduce the need for large siege weapons. After a few years, the first Gilded Glider was created and it found great success among the Blades, who use them for stealth infiltration during important mission. However, it has not yet been tested for its original use as a replacement for siege weapons.  


The Gilded Glider is a bodysuit that has large, thick pieces of cloth sewn in between the limbs. Sometimes, only the arms have the cloth though, to make walking easier. These pieces of cloth stretch out when the limbs are spread, usually during a free fall. Despite the name, most Gilded Gliders are designed to be discreet, generally using black or gray coloring. Sometimes a custom color will be ordered for a mission, like white in a tundra-based mission.  


Despite being made for the Legion in general, the Blades have embraced the Gilded Glider especially, as it gives them an easy way to easily enter a guarded facility if under the right conditions, like nighttime or obscuring precipitation, in order to kill a target. While not viable in every situation, it is used enough that by many, it is considered the signature piece of equipment for the Blades. Outside of the Blades, some especially connected civilians have managed to get their hands on one for recreational purposes.


In order to propel oneself forward using the Gilded Glider, one must jump from an elevated position and extend their limbs to catch more air, slowly fall speed. One can then use forward momentum as well as angling the body to control their horizontal speed, although this is harder to control than vertical speed.
Bird Suits
Owning Organization
20,000 gold pieces
Only in the hands of a select group in the Legion
Around the arm-span of the user
Up to 60 mph horizontally and around 22 mph

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World of Belkora

The Gilded Glider

Armor Rare

A stealth-based armor that allows one to glide through the air. When wearing the armor, one falls as if under the effect of the Feather Fall spell. Additionally, when falling, one has a Fly Speed equal to their normal Walking Speed.

Type AC STR Req. Stealth Dis. Properties
Light 11+Dex Modifier 13+

Cost: 20000 gp



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