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The end of the Wizard's Way, Galdorborg is an imposing city, with tall spires and grand arches, all surrounding the Forntormer at the center. Despite its frigid exterior, many wizards have looked back at their time at the University as the setting of some of their fondest memories.
— Flip, The Great Book of the Nations


The city is split into two rings: the inner ring where the University of Wizardry sits, and the outer ring of smaller and humbler houses. The inner ring is populated by the young students of the University as well as the older teachers, and some independent wizards working on studies. While mostly human, there are also some goblinoids, lizardkin, drizards, and other races that cannot use sorcery. Meanwhile the outer ring is made up of older Oldean humans, who mostly either run inns and taverns that mostly students use, or have small farms that help provide for the community.


The Jarl of Galdorborg, also known as the Harmage or Archmage, makes laws concerning the city and any surrounding lands. The people of outer Galdorborg also have monthly meetings where they discuss more day-to-day issues.


Galdorborg has various magic defenses developed by the university, including golems, magically enchanted matter that acts like a small giant; arcane turrets, orbs that launch magic spells at invaders; and runes, arcane writing that when stepped on unleashes a magical spell. These magical defenses make the citizens of outer Galdorborg uncomfortable though, and increase tension between outer Galdorborg and the University.


Most of the city's wealth comes from the University, both students paying to attend, as well as student's going into outer Galdorborg and spending money at inns, restaurants, and other stores.


Inner Galdorborg has the University of Wizardry, which has various buildings for education and housing for students and teachers. Within the center of the University is Forntormer, where the prestigious Harmage lives and watches over the city. There is no wall around outer Galdorborg, but a small wall surrounds the University in inner Galdorborg to demarcate the University from the rest of the city.


The University has a large treasury itself to spend on improving the campus from tuition and other costs to attend, as well as money to provide more senior professors for research. Outer Galdorborg have a variety of stores, inns, and restaurants made to be frequented by the University students.


Galdorborg started out when a few farmers settled down near Forntormer. After some time, a few people explored the old tower and found old notes studying the sorcery of the elves. Going off of these notes, some scholars came to the tower and invented wizardry, and established the University around the tower. During the Three Pillars Agreement, the city was given a political control of the surrounding region with the Harmage of the University in charge.


Inner Galdorborg has large, stone buildings with swooping architecture and elaborate stonework. While most buildings are rectangular, the larger buildings tend to vary in shape, generally circular or octagonal. Outer Galdorborg is mostly made of smaller wooden houses in square and rectangular shapes.


Galdorborg is on top of a low plateau, giving them a good line of sight to help keep the city safe in case of invasion. The plateau, known as the Wizard's Plateau, is within a flat field to make it easy to find for prospective students.
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