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Almost everyone who lives in Frella is an Agraran Human whose family has lived there for a long time. Every lives in familial farmsteads, with the oldest son of a family inheriting the farmstead, with the other sons staying around to help with the work and the daughters moving in with their husbands. These farmsteads also have houses for hired workers to live in, with some working at the same farmstead for life, and moving their families into the worker houses. Some people, usually merchants and travelers, stay in the center of the village, near the town hall.


Frella has a town hall every month where the heads of the various farmsteads meet together to discuss matters concerning the town, as well implement any new laws from the Golden City or Agra. Others may sit in on these meetings, and even bring up issues, but every decision ultimately comes down to a vote between the heads of the farmsteads, and one representative of the merchants.


There are a few guards that are mercenaries hired by the town council, but most of Frella's defense comes from people on farmsteads training in basic combat. There are no walls or other defensive infrastructure.

Industry & Trade

Frella is known for their fruit growth, with most farmstead producing various kinds of fruit. As the most southerly major town in Agrara, it has the warmest weather and is able to best hold orchards of fruits like apples and oranges, as well as bushes for berries and other fruit-bearing plants. Then, merchants from other towns in Agrara and the Golden City travel to Frella and trade for the large surplus of fruit that is produced before being spread across the Empire. In exchange, Frella receives things like metal, fats, furs, and salt from other regions. The trees in the orchards also act as a source of wood for the town, although they are much less likely to export wood than fruit, as they usually only cut down trees when they need wood and they do not often have a surplus of wood. In addition to plant products, Frella also produces milk, meat, and hides for leather from the animals they raise, but these products are not as important due to most towns in Agrara raising animals as well.


Frella is made up of various farmsteads, with a town square in the center. The town square has the town hall, as well as various stores, an inn, a tavern, and open spots for merchants to set up stands. The road to Frella from Agra goes to the town square. There are small foot paths that go between the various farmsteads and the town square, but those are not made intentionally, but instead created by continual travel.


Frella has various stores of two varieties: some are for travelers, and some are for inhabitants. Stores for travelers include an inn and combat equipment for mercenaries specifically. Stores for inhabitants are general stores that sell things like basic furniture, alcohol, and farming equipment. There are also travelling merchants that come through and both sell foreign items and buy fruit from the local farmers to sell elsewhere.

Guilds and Factions

Frella's town council has no formal factions or parties, but opinions tend to be divided on generational lines, with older and younger farmers voting with each other.


Frella began as simply a few orchards owned by a few farmers prior to the Golden Empire absorbing it. When The Golden One, saw how well orchards grew in the area, he established the town of Frella andgave incentives for farmers to move there and produce various fruits grown in the region. While there is an official mayor appointed by the Viceroy of Agrara, the people eventually decided on having a town hall govern the town, although the mayor is in charge of gathering the necessary people for the town hall.


Most people in Frella live in seperated farmsteads. These farmsteads often consist of a house, a barn, and a workers' house, along with a large plot of land to grow trees, bushes, and other fruit-bearing plants. The houses are generally simple, wooden buildings with a common room, a small kitchen, and three bedrooms-one for the parents, one for the children, and one for guests. The workers' houses are just a common area with small rooms coming off of it. Long-time workers, especially family members will usually have a small, two bedroom houses, smaller than the main house. Especially rich farmers will usually have a much bigger house than others.   The town square has small, wooden buildings that act as shops, along with an inn and a tavern that are larger, connected buildings. The town hall is the only stone building in the town, as it was built by the Empire when establishing the town. It is a square building with a circular table in the middle where the heads of house sit, with chairs along the outer wall for spectators and those who wish to bring up an issue. The stands out on the square that travelling merchants put up are usually hastily stuck together with wood planks with shelves to place goods, along with a sign advertising the goods being sold.


Frella is situated in a fairly flat region with a river nearby. While the river does occasionally flood, the town is far enough away from the flood plain that they stand no risk of being caught in a flood, but close enough that they have easy access to the fresh water. Most of the surrounding area is grasses, but there is the occasional wild tree. However, the wild trees are hard to notice among the various orchards around area.

Natural Resources

The soil in Frella is especially fertile, even compared to the rest of Agrara. This leads to a large amount and variety of fruit being grown. There is also a supply of fish in river nearby, but it is not often exploited by the townspeople.
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