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Flight Obsessive Disorder


Flight Obsessive Disorder (FOD) is a consequence of the Crovae Curse and its effects on the minds, especially the inability to speak in their own voice, leading them to feel like they have no real self. Discrimination and derogatory treatment can worsen the disorder.


FOD manifests itself within crovae as an obsession with the curse and finding a way to cure it. They will often disregard their other obligations like jobs, friends, and even food in an effort to find a cure through their most efficient means, whether magic, science, or questing. It will usually culminate in extreme self-destructive actions like leaping off of a building or picking unwinnable fights.


The most effective treatment of FOD is usually therapy to help the crovae in question find a strong sense of identity. Sometimes a crovae can be shaken out of FOD by some sort of striking event in their life happens that helps them orient themselves as a person. However, no matter how strong that identity formed is, there is always the chance for relapse. Receiving the proper therapy for FOD is difficult to find as any place with the proper infrastructure to have reliable access to a therapist usually has various stigmas surrounding associating with crovae.


How fast FOD can lead to drastic actions depends on their level of outside support. With the proper treatment and help from friends can lead to an incredibly slow process across decades, leaving more opportunity for the proper treatment. However, in the worse possible conditions, a crovae will usually take drastic action within two or three years.


The best way to prevent FOD from developing is to build a strong sense of self within a crovae at a young age. Usually, a crovae in a stable family is less likely to develop FOD, especially one rich enough to hire a "voice coach" that leads to a crovae having a single voice in most situations. However, any childhood that helps build a strong sense of self can decrease the likelihood of FOD.


Often times, if a crovae is close to one with FOD, especially if they die, the inital crovae is more likely to develop FOD.


FOD has existed for as long as the Crovae Curse; however, once the Golden Empire was established and many crovae flocked to the Golden City, cases of FOD increased dramatically as the general attitude of denizens of the city was that of disdain towards crovae. Additionally, mockery of the condition with phrases like "Leap to Fly" only exacerbated the condition.

Cultural Reception

The general public tend to mock and ridicule those with FOD, especially after their death. However, likely more damaging to those suffering from FOD, friends of the afflicted will at first attempt to support their friend, but will eventually grow frustrated and cut themselves off, especially other crovae as they fear "catching" FOD themselves.
Affected Species

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