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Elven Silk


Material Characteristics

Elven silk is a cloth-like material used in the clothing of the ancient elves. It is a matrix of interwoven leaves, tied together in incredibly thin strands that leave the cloth feeling soft to the touch.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Elven silk is incredibly soft with very little friction, especially against the body during motion. However, due to it being made from leaves, the silk is highly flamable and easily torn.

Geology & Geography

Elven silk is only produced in The Ancient Woods exclusively and is seen almost nowhere outside of there. Whether this is due to the actual leaves used or just the techniques of the elves there is unknown to the greater world.

Life & Expiration

The shelf life of elven silk is incredibly long, usually around 200 years or so. When made into regularly worn, casual clothing, the silk can usually last 100 years, but silk that is involved in combat clothing will need to be replaced within 25 years or so.

History & Usage


Elven silk is a traditional cloth of the ancient elves, used since before history. The methods of creating it and using it in clothing has been passed down through generations of elves. However, none of the makers of elven silk left the woods with the ancestors of the wood elves, leaving that race without the ability to any silk.

Everyday use

Elven silk is most often used in clothing for the upper echelons of ancient elf society, most often the patriarchs and their families. However, any rich elf able to afford the services of a silk tailor may wear the silk.

Cultural Significance and Usage

Elven silk is seen as one of the cultural touchstones of the ancient elves, so much so that they restrict the ability for elves to bring the silk out of the woods. Also, the silk is used in any ritual garbs based on the cultural significance of the silk.

Manufacturing & Products

Elven silk can be used for any cloth-based product, but is most often used for clothing. The most common articles of clothing that the silk is used for are tunics, cloaks, and robes.

Reusability & Recycling

Usually if the elven silk begins to tear, it can be mended. If the damage is too great to mend, then the silk will often be left to decompose in the forest, making it incredibly friendly to the environment.


Law & Regulation

It is illegal for anyone to bring elven silk out of the woods, as well as it being illegal for those who make elven silk to leave the woods on the off chance that they share their secrets with outsiders. If an ancient elf does wear silk out of the forest, then the are required to destroy it if there is any chance that an outsider could get their hands on it.
Incredibly rare
It smells like grass
Usually green, but sometimes yellow-ish
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