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The head of the Darguun Church is the Emperor of The Daguukiin Empire, and he appoints various war priests to assist the barons in each barony with religious matters. However, due to the nature of Darguunkiiluun, this usually boils down to war strategy and combat training. Each war priest then is allowed to appoint local priests, who hold religious ceremonies and oversee any relevant rites.

Public Agenda

Darguunism is focused on the spread of Darguunkiiluun's influence across all of Belkora through any means necessary, from conversion to conquest.


The Darguun Church has access to any and all assets of The Daguukiin Empire.


Darguunism began with a few sages of the hobgoblin god, Voyner, hearing the words of Darguunkiiluun, a stronger, fiercer god. They wrote as much of these words as they could down in the Tomes of War. With these tomes in hand, the sages converted the city they were from, which led to that city engaging in an earnest attempt to conquer other hobgoblin cities and form them into one, unified hobgoblin state.   Once they accomplished that, the followers of Darguunkiiluun began to push southward in an attempt to force their religion on other peoples. Any who refused were quashed in conquest, with any prisoners being sacrificed for their god's sake. In the process of assimilating doubting hobgoblins, as well as other goblinoid peoples, the pantheon included the traditional goblinoid gods as minor deities, who pale in comparison to Darguunkiiluun's magnificence.

Mythology & Lore

Darguunists believe that the world was created as it was when the gods warred with each other over who would be in charge, and ultimately the gods compromised, deciding they would each rule over one or two races. However, Darguunkiiluun would never accept this, so he was denied any race at all. During this time of banishment, he waited and watched, hoping to find a race that could conquer the world, and establish his rule over the world. Eventually, he found that race in the form of the hobgoblins, who he graced with his gift of combat proficiency and strength in exchange for loyalty.

Divine Origins

This religion originated when a group of sages heard the words of Darguunkiiluun and wrote them down. They then managed to convince the leader of a local city that following those words would lead to greater strength, and the ability to conquer other cities, adding to his power. After adopting that the Faith of Conquest, that city went on to absorb all other hobgoblins under their control, consolidating the hobgoblins as faithful to Darguunkiiluun.

Cosmological Views

Through the lens of Darguunism, the world is made for hobgoblins to conquer and rule over. It, and all of its people, were created with the intention of being subjugated and ruled over, and all problems within society stem from free will, agency, and especially diversity of thought.

Tenets of Faith

The basic tenets of Darguunism are as follows:
  1. Strength is you Greatest Ally
  2. Weakness is a Disease that is Infectious
  3. Honor Matters Only to an Equal
  4. Disobedience is the Greatest Weakness
  5. Mercy is an Excuse for Weakness
  From there, the various rules within the Tomes of War focus around structuring one's life and nation around these concepts.


Darguunist ethics is based around following the five basic tenets. The greatest sin one can make in this system is to show weakness, usually through acts that include giving up, insubordination, forgiveness, and losing. Weak people are shunned by Darguunists at best. Instead, the faithful seek to emanate strength with every action they take.


Worship of Darguunkiiluun comes in three levels: personal, local, and national. Personal worship is usually just living ones life by Darguunism's tenets, and thanking Darguunkiiluun whenever one wins a battle. Local worship involves congregations led by a priest, as well as sacrifices of prisoners. On a national level, worship is conducted by waging war with other societies in order to spread Darguunism's influence.


Priests are appointed by either the Emperor or that baronies War Priest, and are in charge of organizing congregations for war blessings, as well as prisoner sacrifices. On occasion, a priest is so devoted to Darguunkiiluun that the conquest god bestows upon them clerical magic. In this case, the cleric in question are conscripted to the army to both use their magic in war, as well as hold ceremonies for deployed troops.

Granted Divine Powers

Clerics of Darguunkiiluun receive magic focused augmenting battle, compared to healing others like most clerics. They often increase the psychical capabilities of their allies, as well as restrict and weaken enemies. In addition to all of this, clerics of Darguunkiiluun will use more offensive magic than clerics of other gods. The other major difference is that Darguunkiiluun is much more willing to deny clerical powers for showing any weakness.

Political Influence & Intrigue

This religion is the backbone of society in The Daguukiin Empire, with the head of state also being the head of the church. In fact, one of the goals of the Empire is to spread Darguunism across the globe. The Emperor and his generals often consult the Tomes of War when planning combat scenarios and coming up with strategies, and soldiers often seek a blessing from Darguunkiiluun before going into battle.

Praise to Conquest!

Founding Date
53 NE
Religious, Organised Religion
Alternative Names
The Faith of Conquest
Darguunists, Conquerists
Parent Organization
Permeated Organizations

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