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Common Idioms of Centrum Common

Geographical Distribution

Centrum Common is used by humans who live in the Golden City and the Silver Kingdom, especially Centrum humans. While some non-Centrums will use the idioms, it is rare for non-humans to use these idioms as they are often originated in demeaning stereotypes of other races.
Spoken by
Common Phrases
Leap to Fly
It is used to refer to people acting in an irrational manner as if trying to kill themselves. It stems from a way to demean Crovae suicide as they would commonly throw themselves from high places, believing that fear or hope would trigger their ability to fly.
Sharp Enough to Hear a Bird
This means that something is extremely sharp, and is a reference to elves having pointy ears and how they are close to nature. Some elven terrorists, like those in the Rising Vengeance Clan, have taken this saying and reclaimed it in a way by changing it to "Sharp Enough to Kill a Human."
Breathing Flames
This saying refers to someone being needlessly angry or aggressive, especially in reference to a woman. It is a reference to how dragulin females are often aggressive and violent, especially when compared to males of the species, along with how some dragulin can breath fire.
Using Your Orc Brain
When sometimes is "using their orc brain," they are not thinking intelligently or they said something especially simplistic or foolish. It comes from the stereotype of orcs having low intelligence due to academics being a low priority in orc culture.
Reek of Sewage
If someone is said to reek of sewage, then they are being called a thief. This is a reference to how the Thieves Guild works in the sewer network of the Golden City, even though they do not actually stink of sewage. This is notable as one of the few idioms in Centrum Common that does not demean another race.

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