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Zimaro Zimora we'll go to Chimora. Briz Breez we'll cut down stone trees. Bin Been we can't be scene. Bliped Blurped or else our brains will be slurped
— Nursery Rhyme


Chimora is a large continent beneath Belkora with various biomes including mountains to the north, forests of mushrooms or stone in the east, and plains in the west. There are some rivers that may flow through the continent, but most of them are filled with poisonous water to most races that live on in Chimora.

Fauna & Flora

The fauna of Chimora falls into two categories: monstrous and skittish. Monstrous fauna are generally large or mutated creatures that are dangerous to hunt, but produce enriched meat while skittish fauna is made up of rodents and small mammals that either burrow or live among the mushroom forests to the east.   Chimora's flora falls into two categories also: forest and plains. Forest flora is mostly made up of large tree-like fungus that survive by decomposing dead flora and fauna. There is also smaller fungus that is grown throughout the continent that are related to the larger fungus. Plains flora consists only of the grasses the west that can only be found in the plains that grow by absorbing latent magical energy in the air.

Natural Resources

Most people in Chimora grow mushrooms for food, and either hunt monsters for meat or raise animals to butcher. The fungus forests in the east can be cut down to be used as a wood-like substance, and is highly-valued the farther away from the fungus forests one gets. There also forests of trees made of stone than are knocked down to be used in building. Throughout Chimora there are deposits of rare metals, as well as stone quarries to get building materials without needing to go to the stone forests.

Alternative Name(s)
The Deeprealm
Characters in Location
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