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Cargo Wagons


Cargo Wagons are carriages commonly used by merchants, especially in the Golden Empire. They are long, two-horse carriages that have a large uncovered area behind the driver where cargo is stored. While people can ride in the back, it is usually uncomfortable for the passengers as there are no benches or seats of any kind. In order to protect sensitive cargo during precipitation, the owner of the wagon will usually use a tarp to cover it up. For times when merchants want to move through regions like the tundra in Snowveil and the desert in Oasis, Cargo Wagons will come with alternate wheels that can be switched around.  


Cargo Wagons are used by merchants to ferry large amounts of cargo a long way, usually between major cities in the Golden Empire. Usually, merchants will hire mercenaries to guard them across large expanses from bandits. As such, Cargo Wagons were designed to move slower than average to allow mercenaries on foot to keep up with the merchant. Occasionally, Cargo Wagons are used to ferry large groups of people, especially in refugee situations. With refugees, the driver may throw the tarp over the refugees to disguise them as cargo. In these situations, a third horse may be occasionally attached to the wagon to help it move faster, although this is dangerous both because wagons are designed for two horses and because it makes disguising refugees harder.

Power Generation

Cargo Wagons are usually carried by two draft horses harnessed to the wagon. How much they pull the wagon is up to how hard the driver pushes them. However, on the upper end of the weight spectrum of cargo, the horses have to put in a lot more effort to move the wagon forward.
Merchant's Carriage
1000 gp
16 ft
10 ft
1600 lbs
2 mph
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
5000 lbs of cargo

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