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Call for Aid


The purpose of a Call for Aid is to attract mercenaries and adventurers for some kind of dangerous job that cannot be given to civilians.  It will often give a brief summary of the job, the base price, and what kind of skills are wanted.  They are then posted in nearby settlements where a mercenary may find it, grab a copy, and bring it to the creator of the Call in order to accept the job and receive any more details.

Document Structure


A typical Call for Aid will usually start with large font, with a catchy title meant to draw in prospective mercenaries.  Below that will be a section with a brief summary of what the job would be.  This will usually indicate if the job is more combat oriented, where it is, and how many morals a person needs to lack to take the job.  Below that would be a suggested set of skills.  These might include a penchant for violence, skills at diplomacy, or a knowledge of the forest.  Finally, the base reward and the location of the Call author are at the bottom.

Historical Details


The practice of putting up flyers in town squares or asking the town crier to advertise for jobs have existed as long as there have been mercenaries.  However, in the Golden Empire, The Golden One formalized the process by creating a blanket template for Calls for Aid, and a formalized process.  Briefly, he also tried to create a circulating paper of various Calls for Aid in the area, but it was soon scrapped when it proved to be both difficult, unpopular, and ineffective.
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