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Welcome to Technical Solutions!

Beckettville’s Technical Solutions is a single division working to accomplish a common goal: a more advanced Beckettville.

Our Vision

A technologically advanced society capable of self-sufficiency.

Our Mission

To ensure technical superiority for Beckettville above all else.


We are so proud of the secure infrastructure we've built for Beckettville. Using Optigram, out proprietary internet network, we manage all telecommunications, technological developments, and any network-related tasks that may be required by our great city. If Beckettville has audio/visual needs, BITS is sure to provide the required system.

BITS - Beckettville Informative Technological Solutions

We love BITS! Beckettville Informative Technological Solutions, our department's consumer-facing brand, protects our citizens from improper information and false data. As the leading providers of all-things tech, BITS supplies our citizens with phones, computers, internet, and more.
Stop by your local BITS retailer for your electronic needs! Bring your out-of-fashion devices in for an update with a 25% discount!


Jorge Key

Technology Director

Mr. Key is a newly appointed department head. He has been working in development and IT with BecCo for over last thirty years and made a name for himself in data collection and security.
LOCATION: FinTech Center

Beckettville Optigram Network

Our Optigram Network is a sophisticated internet system developed specifically for use after The Extinction Event. You're currently using our amazing network right now to access this site!

Do you wish to join in our public forums?
We meet with the citizens of Beckettville every Tuesday starting at 9:00am sharp. Forums are held on the first floor of the FinTech Center, conference room B.

We Are Hungry For Your Feedback!

We're always looking to improve the great city of Beckettville and rely on our citizens to help us fill the cracks. If you have any questions or comments, come down to the FinTech Center and ask for a feedback card. You will be promptly led to a quiet room with a Technical Solutions Representative to acknowledge and execute.


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16 Apr, 2022 01:43

Such a pleasant face on such an insidious service. With 30 years in data collection and security, Jorge will be "key" indeed! And what's up with those quiet rooms where things get "executed?" I need to learn more about Becketville.

Sage EmilyArmstrong
Emily Armstrong
16 Apr, 2022 02:00

Thank you! We're so proud of our Jorge, he knows our citizens better than almost anyone else! Come on down to the FinTech Center and ask for a feedback card, we'd be more than happy to answer all your questions and execute! -HBC Social Outreach

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