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Welcome to Beckett Suites!

Experience luxury unparalleled on Earth! Join the ranks of our star-studded guest list alongside government officials, foreign dignitaries, celebrities, and more!

Currently on the Radio
Beckett Suites is unlike any modern hotel. A true time machine back to the golden days of high society. A prestigious landmark showcasing the perfection of the Art Deco movement within the beautiful city of Beckettville.
— Imogene Sanders, travel expert

A Historic Landmark

Beckett Suites has been a beacon in Beckettville since the early 1920s, surviving both World Wars and a number of demolition attempts by unsavory parties. These attempts on the hotel have only caused an increase in security measures to thwart any future threats to our great landmark.
Nothing has been able to bring down Beckett Suites and nothing ever will.

Prior to the Extinction Event

Harry Copeland was a highly accomplished architect in the early 1920's when he was approached by the Beckett Family. He was in the process of working on a transfer of a large hotel in New York at the time he was commissioned. Beckett Suites would need to be habitable for an international festival happening in a few months and there wouldn't be time to complete the full process of building from scratch. By the good graces of Dolōrem, Beckettville was in luck! The Becketts struck a deal with the hotel being transferred and, with generous contributions from citizens like you, were able to purchase the already built establishment, moving the entire building to Beckettville instead. The original city was none the wiser and their false hotel continued to stand until the extinction event.
During the 1950's, Beckett Suites was considered a hidden gem in the American mid-west. Celebrities and government officials flocked to the hotel in hopes of soaking up the atmosphere of Beckettville, many seeking time with Beckett family members. Although these discussions were behind closed doors, more than a few performers have gotten their start on the Grand Ballroom stage.
Beckett Suites closed its doors for the first time in the 1980's to undergo renovations so graciously funded by the Copeland Family. The hotel saw restorations to the marble and hardwood, as well as upgrades to the electrical elements in the suites. With new communication devices, televisions, and computers installed in each room, you'll never be bored while at Beckett Suites! In addition, a high-tech ventilation system was installed to help quell those moderate temperatures of the summertime.

Post Extinction Event

Beckett Suites now stands as an iconic building within Beckettville. Although we no longer see outside tourism, we’ll always have our doors open for you, the chic citizens of Beckettville! We still host many events throughout the year and are a trendy hotspot for citizens interested in the history of this magnificent building.

A Place of Refuge

After The Extinction Event, the doors of the hotel were opened for refugees allowed into Beckettville. Full catering and clean housing was provided by The Hiram Beckett Company at no monetary cost to the refugees for a period of six months while they were trained for new positions and found apartments in Beckettville. The refugees soon became beloved citizens of our great city for aiding research efforts in nutrition, deprivation, healthcare, and the importance of proper sleep during their time at Beckett Suites.

An Unforgettable Building

Beckett Suites is a defining highlight of the Beckettville skyline and was designated a national landmark during the Momentous Becketts venture. The hotel is open for visitation 9am-2pm. Outside of visitation hours only guests with reservations will be allowed on the premises. Amenities are available for guests only, with exceptions during special events.


Currently the tallest tower in Beckettville, Beckett Suites stands at 47 stories with 43 operating and available for public use. Originally crafted primarily from limestone and steel, the facade has been fitted with marble adornments along the doors and windows. During the refurbishment, all handles, latches, and other small pieces of hardware were gilded and to date are maintained to preserve their shine. Many of the adornments were removed and recast to bring back their details, now with new additions (courtesy of the Copelands) of black marble and gold filament as highlights. Guests can access the Olympic-sized pool and day spas through Comfort Plaza at the eastern entrance.
Did You Know?
The Copelands had been close family friends of the Becketts for generations and were a well-known televangelist family and hosts of the long-running religious worship show "Dolōrem During Breakfast." The two families didn't officially join in union until the marriage of Liam Beckett and Lillian Copeland, resulting in our President Hiram Beckett!
"Lauda Dolōrem in aeternum, y'all!"  




Beckett Suites is proud to host over 1,500 rooms, 400 of those being extended-stay suites. The rooms are decorated in Art Deco style with lavish carpet, hardwood, and marble. Rooms feature queen or king size beds and start at single bed, single bath moving up to a full 3 bed, 3.5 bath with dual dens and connected personal kitchen. All units have daily maid service with options for at-will cleanings for extended-stay rooms.
Out of the 1,500 rooms, there are 10 special 'Executive Suites' available for our discerning guests. Four Beckett Sister Suites, Three Beckett Penthouses, The Brandy Suite, The Presidential Suite, and The Elder Suite. With the exception of the Sister Suites, all other Executive Suites have their own floor with personal foyer, kitchen, dining room, living room, 3 beds, 3.5 baths, 2 powder rooms, and office. The Presidential and Elder Suites also include a highly decorated prayer room. All Executive Suites can fit 6-10 guests comfortably, but can be rearranged for singular use.


Along with Brandy's Bar and the Grand Ballroom, Beckett Suites provides guests access to an outdoor pool, multiple fitness centers, two high-class spas, concierge service, pet-friendly rooms, a fully staffed business center and meeting rooms, and childcare for the busy parent! Leave your children with us for an education of a lifetime!

Brandy's Bar

Brandy Beckett was a rambunctious family heir most notable for her creation of Brandy's Bar within Beckett Suites. When she came into Presidency in the early 1970's she decided the hotel needed to liven up to the current times. Knocking out a wall into the ballroom and cutting the space in half, Brandy was able to build her own speakeasy-inspired bar.
  Proving to be a bit too successful, Brandy's Bar soon had to close their doors to all but hotel customers, creating quite the stir in the local whiskey and gin connoisseurs who had become prevalent at the establishment. Brandy was incredibly enthusiastic about her beverages, formulating her own highly potent whiskey and gin that proved particularly popular. Her enthusiasm led her down an experimental road with her drinks, creating brands that are just to die for! You can taste her final recipe, Maurice's Merlow, now at Brandy's Bar!
  Taking the reigns from Brandy, her son Max gained ownership of the bar and started cleaning up the presentation and menu. He turned the establishment into a high-class enterprise with their own bottled versions of Brandy's whiskey and gin.
The Menu
Complementary Orion Mineral Water upon request

The Grand Ballroom

Initially envisioned by Harry Copeland, the full Grand Ballroom would not be realized until twenty years after Beckett Suite's opening. Harry's daughter, Betty Copeland, helped sketch up plans for a hardwood and marble design to complement the main lobby of the hotel. A raised stage was built at the front of the ballroom large enough to host an orchestra, but was more often the home to large jazz and swing bands. At its conception, the Ballroom was large enough to hold a capacity of 1200 guests with a dance floor and buffet. When Brandy Beckett created her bar, the Grand Ballroom was cut to a capacity of 800 guests and turned into a more exclusive venue. Check our lineup on the sidebar for upcoming shows at our Grand Ballroom!
Current Grand Manager:
Vivian Whitfield
42 Maurice Boulevard
Beckett Suites, Beckettville, The Hiram Beckett Company, and any related parties are not liable for any physical, mental, or spiritual damage sustained during your stay.

Famous Guests

Have you ever wanted to meet your favorite celebrities and government officials? Take your chances at Beckett Suites!
  We’ve provided services to a total of nine presidents, fourteen foreign officials, and thousands of celebrities! We’ve had the pleasure of hosting guests such as:
Ellie McLeod
Famous activist, musician, and model of the 1970s. Stayed at Beckett Suites for two years during the creation of her albums "I See The Signs" and "The Sun is a Fallacy." Brandy Beckett featured on both albums as a vocalist and triangle player.  
Norman Casey
Politician and lobbyist during the 1960s in the American mid-west. Aided the Beckett Family in pushing multiple bills forward in legislation.

Famous Events

The Festival Gala
Get ready for our bi-annual Festival Gala! Have you purchased your tickets yet?
  Come celebrate the last six months of prosperity with speeches by President Hiram Beckett and his esteemed guests, Grand Manager Whitfield and our newest Archons!
  Music, food, and drink supplied in plenty by BecCo and Brandy’s Bar.
  Lottery winners will be selected at the end of the night, so get ready for special inspections! What a true honor!
The Max Jazz Fair
It’s nearly time to jazz up our Grand Ballroom! The Max Jazz Fair is back! Get your tickets to our two-day jazz fest now!
  This year we’ll be featuring twenty different jazz bands, free buffets sponsored by BecCo, and tons of amazing prizes to be won!

This month at


Brandy's is proud to host your top-voted band "Discomfort at the
Sock Hop!"
  Your favorite swing band is back with their biggest hits including "I Raid Bins For Batteries" and "Don't Threaten Me With A Good Counselling Session."
  They'll be around until June, so catch them while you can!
All images obtained from Pexels, Unsplash, Pixabay, or created by Emily Armstrong. All photo manipulations and graphic design by Emily Armstrong.

Cover image: by Andrea Piacquadio


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