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Beasts and Birthrights

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"In this world, you can't choose anything. You are the sum of your species, which is nothing more then the sum of your strength. That is why I'll create a new world, far away from that archaic machine of a society." - Marcius Normandy, The Great Liberator

The Forging of a New World

3000 years ago, a system as old as the invention of society prevailed and dictated the lives of every single animal, without exception. A system that bases the worth of a person not on merit, but on species and wealth. This is what is now known as "The Brute's Aristocracy." Most privileges and materials were granted to Apex animals and other powerful animals, mostly large predators. Inter-special relations were also banned, since the idea of animals mingling outside of business and politics was considered degenerate. However, in a bizarre twist of fate, Marcius, heir to the whole empire as the eldest son of the Lion Apex Imperial family, befriended a mouse by the name of Vita. The future leader of the entire Empire and the bottom of the food chain had become friends. How this even began is undocumented, and their are conflicting reports on what happened. All that matters is the world they forged 4 years after their meeting. After organizing an underground resistance, a large portion of the empire in order to pursue a new life and new world. Its these events that lead to the creation of (Country Name)