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Inquisition of Vater

Lord Vater is a powerful demon, but even he can't socially control his entire empire on his own.

This is where the Vatish Inquisition steps in.

Judge, Jury, and Executioner, an Inquisitor is an unrestricted arm of the law, able to operate freely across Spitzenteufel.


Handlers receive orders from the capital and relay them to Inquisitors operating in their region.

Inquisitors themselves are free to travel the empire as they see fit for their needs, and report in to the local handler(s) when they are ready to take on official orders and business.

Funding for operations is sent to the handlers, and payment is made through handlers to the Inquisitor directly on a per operation basis.

Public Agenda

The Inquisition operates to uphold the will of Lord Vater, and the interests of Spitzenteufel as a whole.

Demography and Population

While mostly Human, any race is welcome in the order assuming they show fanatical support for Lord Vater. Satyrs may find some difficulty however, as lingering superstition taints their public image in the empire.
Government, Secret Service
Alternative Names
The Inquisition
Parent Organization
Notable Members

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