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Zevfara, Godess of Honour and Strength

The Guardian

Zevfara is the goddess of Honour and Strength. She is the mother of the Solars, including the now devil archduchess Zariel. Zevfara is the general of the gods and her personality is very much a reflection of that. She demands respect and treats her worshippers as warriors under her command. Her ideology very much focuses in on a system of tiered strength, and that a creature who instigates conflict with a creature of obviously lower capability for no honourable purpose, is seen as a dishonourable act worthy of punishment. As such she herself is certainly leaning towards being good as her ideals are benevolent, however her beliefs towards punishment is what would separate her from a lawful good god such as Bahamut. She is commonly worshipped by own guards and those of great physical strength, however if those individuals fail to live up to her standards of life she shall bestow no blessings upon them and sometimes inform one of her worshippers to intervene.   She was one of the least willing of the gods to retreat to mount celestia, believing that their place was to guide the misguided mortals of their creation. Her ideal world is that of a benevolent military rulership under the gods, however she is aware that power such as that is what drives creatures such as the devils, so she refrains from making such a harsh decision. However as many know her daughter Zariel would become sick of this waiting and watching, taking matters into her own hands and ended up being manipulated and even married the King of devils himself Asmodeus. This event brought much shame from many of the other gods who viewed Zevfara as also perhaps being untrustworthy. However, lord of the gods Moralin stepped in to remind the gods that Asmodeus was once one of them a long time ago and he now occupies a well of his own corruption so any of the gods could turn as easily. From that point Zevfara harboured a deep hatred for the devils for their part in corrupting her daughter, so her followers often take particularly harsh punishments out on devils and devil worshippers should they ever stand in their way.     Her followers are typically warriors or warrior priests who seek out great challenges of monsters or fiends who they can put to the blade in the name of their lady. Her worshippers seek out those who would pick in the weak and those who cannot defend themselves and destroy such defilements of the great honour. Her followers will often say a prayer as they fight to honour the goddess, a trait that helps distinguish these warriors from the common unruly barbarian. Such prayers are individual but typically they are, but a few lines spoken just when conflict begins, and then when the life fades from the opponents eyes. While conflict is very much a part of the worship of Zevfara, it is not taken as a pleasure, only a necessary test of one’s strength and to defend those of lesser strength.   Destroying the scum of the world is seen as the best way to bring honour to the chaos of the realm, and who exactly these people are is decided upon by the worshipper themselves, making them a sort of judge jury and executioner in one. In Albion these worshippers formed a group known as the Silver Saints, or at least just the Saints to commoners. These individuals go through an intense training program to weed out the weaker individuals who try to join. Once this has finished the Trainee is granted a Silver coloured shoulder cloak with a black outline and an executioner’s blade covered in ceremonial carvings. After training is completed the arbiter is sent on their way and rarely again ever meets their brethren at home unless something has gone very wrong. The group are very secretive about their training and the locations of their monasteries finding it is seen as part of test.   Holding the protection of all others above all else is important and as such Zevfara attracts classes such as Paladins, Clerics, Fighters, and Rangers are attracted to her worship. The tenants of her worship are as follows.   •There is great glory earned through battle, but battle must never be your first resort. Seek to mend or help those who have fallen from the path, and only put them to the blade if all else fails.   •Those who aim to hurt those who cannot defend themselves are the greatest sinners of all. Seek out and punish such degenerates   •The greatest strength is only achievable through Cooperation. Sacrifice your individual glory to foster the strength of those around you.   •A truly honourable battle is fought between great warriors. Even those who have fallen from the path may still find redemption through a glorious battle

Divine Domains

War, Order, Conquest

Divine Symbols & Sigils

An Executioners Blade


The Day of Blades (17/4): An albion tradition originally which spread out to surrounding areas, the festival involves many different physical activities such as sparring, running, weight lifting, and stone breaking. The day ends with an elaborate ceremony where medals are bestowed and word from the goddess is heard.

Personality Characteristics


Protection of the weak and defenceless, upholding of honour

Lawful Neutral

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