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First was the age of oblivion, when all who lived sought naught but survival. Then, the time of History began with the founding of the city of war and wisdom thus began the age of ascension then, Vampires threatened to destroy everything and send Baurellia back to oblivion, and thus began the Age of Blood. With the alliances forged by the Age of Blood, The triumphant Orks and their Allies began their conquest of the known world under the leadership of Han'Temlek. This was the Age of Conquest. Within his lifetime, he took control of nearly the whole known world, save the eleven jungle. And so began the millenia of the Age of Peace. But it was not to last. The Necromancer Pailuan's undead hordes and mutated lieutenants ended the age of peace, and began the age of war, lasting 247 years, before finally being ended with his defeat, but not without cost. The Empire fell. But from the ashes of the empire, to repair a scarred world, incredible individuals, capable of dealing with the new threats left by the aftermath of the war and the fall of the empire began to emerge.

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