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Battle Maidens

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A vacant throne. Seven contenders and a princess with a mysterious necklace.   Shahzadi Rouya’s days as a princess come to a bloody end. When rebels storm the castle and murder the emperor, Rouya vows to reclaim the throne but is forced to flee with an army on her heels and a necklace in her pocket. The rebels won’t stop chasing her until they’ve pried the relic off her dead body and unleashed the ancient spirit trapped within.   Evelyn has served many masters throughout the centuries and seen them all inevitably fall. As a Battle Maiden, she’s a warrior spirit bound to the summoner in possession of her relic and capable of defeating entire armies. Evelyn isn’t alone, for each of the seven relics contains within it a Battle Maiden of equal strength sworn to another master.   Seven combatants, each bearing one of the relics, lays claim to the throne. Only the summoner who unites all the pieces will become the next emperor to rule supreme or sway the world into chaos.