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Executor Agent "ELEGANCE"


Physical Description

Special abilities

Agent ELEGANCE is renowned for her incredible combat capabilities along with her magic power, only known as Communion.     Agent ELEGANCE is able to effectively communicate with the dead and open her 'soul' to them, effectively absorbing their power permanently. Her entities she names 'spirits' are able to be physically conjured behind her to assist her in combat, making her an extremely deadly threat.     However, the strength of all her spirits are tied to negative moods, such as anger, depression, anxiety, etc. Happy moods effectively make her weaker in combat.     Should her mood swings worsen however, the spirits under her control will temporarily take control of her body and may potentially sabotage the operation. Deploy this agent with caution.

Specialized Equipment

A white, crystallized longsword named "Eternal"

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Agent ELEGANCE is a SS class agent that MUST BE OBSERVED FOR AND CARED FOR AT ALL TIMES.     Warning: Agent is said to be extremely grumpy without her hood on. Approach with caution, preferrably with protective gear.
Year of Death
Dark purple
long, straight ashen hair
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Sickly white
120 lbs

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