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The Shattering of the Lordstone

There once was a great runic stone, called the lordstone, which stood unassumingly outside of the town of Oxströnd. Nothing about it would have indicated that it had any significance except for the prophesy carved into it which read "He who can shatter me in a single blow shall become the greatest conqueror of all of Svellbjargheim". No one knew exactly who exactly placed it there. Some scholars said it was made by those who had lived there before them, while the old ladies of Oxströnd believed that it was send by one of the six heavens. But all in all it was a mysterious piece of stone.   The lordstone attracted travellers from far and wide, all enticed by the promise of glory and fame that came with becoming the greatest conqueror. But no matter how hard they trained not one could make even a scratch upon the lordstone's surface. Many wanna be warlords tried to smash the stone with such force that they shattered their own hands instead. So many in fact that the doctor of Oxströnd almost had wished that he had been the one who had put up the lordstone.   Eventually a young girl, of who most believed that she must have barely come of age, arrived at Oxströnd to ask if she could try to shatter the stone. The priest of the town amusingly agreed to let her try, hoping to find some entertainment before his morning prayers. When the girl stood before the great lordstone she began to rub her hands and then called for a great bolt of lightning from the heavens. Shards of the lordstone were launched with such force that some even found their way onto the Wabu Islands. This priest knelled down and recognised the girl as the new baron of Oxströnd. Such began the ascendancy of Ulfhild the Conqueror, she who united all of Svellbjargheim and she who was first to threaten the northerners with Svellbjarg's might. Just as the lordstone had foretold.
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