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The Cave of Plunders

Deep under the mountain of Gullfell lays a fabled cave-network, known as the mysterious Cave of Plunders. They say that it is impossible to find the Cave of Plunders, and those who try usually meet with an most unfortunate fate. For only one person per generation, he who is brave of heart, sound of mind, and hot of fury, is able to find the cave. Inside the cave they find halls upon halls of unprotected treasure, all right for the taking. In the centre of each pile of treasure stands a powerful weapon, wielded by the great lords of Svellbjarg's past to identify who the treasure belonged to.   If the chosen decides to take some of this unprotected treasure for themselves he will find that he can only find the exit to the cave, and upon the next time that he enters a battlefield he will meet a swift and unworthy dead. But if he steels his heart and keeps walking past all the awesome treasures of yore he will eventually come upon an empty cavern. When he steps inside he will be met by a champion of Erah, goddess of wood and war. The champion promises the chosen one  a mighty weapon, but only if they swear and oath to return it to the cave before the end of their lives. Such the greatest raiders of Svellbjargheim are born, who conquer and pillage the northern realms in Erah's name. Each grows an impressive pile of treasure, which they bring with them upon their return to the Cave of Plunders. The, now older and wiser, chosen one has learned that the piles of treasure weren't a promise, but a challenge from those who had gone before him to match or outshine their success. The chosen one lays as much of his treasure down as he can miss and lays his weapon down to rest upon it. With this act his oath is completed and his treasure is marked for a new generation to be impressed by.   There are however always those chosen who do not wish for their conquests to end, and for those oath breakers there is a special punishment reserved. For, or at least that's how the stories go, Erah will block their souls from ever moving on. The oath breaker is forced to slowly wither away until he is nothing but a husk of a once great warrior, forced to wander the earth with his now tarnished weapon for infinity.
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