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In the Shattered Strait, just between Svellbjargheim and Sari-Ifa, lays a small island covered in lush rolling green hills: the isle of Drauff. On this island, in a secluded bay surrounded by large cliffs, stands the cultural mixing pot of Lindscaut. A place where both northerners and southerners can come to unwind and relax.

Industry & Trade

Lindcaut is renown for its inns and brothels, offering luxurious accommodations to any trader, pirate, or raider who can cough up the coin. These establishments are also known for their fine wines and mead, which are locally sourced from the surrounding farms and apiaries. The bees are of especially vital important to the island as a whole as they pollinate the patches of flowers in between the grass that make the island look as an earthly paradise. The beekeepers receive a bonus each year from the island's governor himself as a shown of appreciation for their vital work in keeping Dauff rich. The town also features a single temple, which nowadays serves more as a STD ward than as a place of prayer.


The isle of Dauff was formed during the Sundering from pieces of Svellbjargheim left behind when the continent was pushed south. Settlers came nearly half a century later when the region had recovered from the cataclysm. They settled in the ruins of a kingdom that existed deep in the mountain dale from which Dauff was made but was destroyed in the Sundering. The town slowly grey until 40 years ago when pirate captain Joseph Barnafader arrived and set up the Cat's Cabal: a surprisingly luxurious brothel made out of the haul of a ship that attracted outsides from far and wide. The rest of the town began to set up additional services to compliment the Cat's Cabal and grow into the booming tourist destination it is today.
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