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Joseph Barnafader

Captain of the Cat's Cabal

Captain Joseph Barnafader was a pirate who made a name for himself privateering in the Shattered Strait, fighting both the southern raiders and knights from the north. He was known for his incredible luck and his love of gold and woman, which he used in the later half of his life to set up the Cat's Cabal brothel.

Mental characteristics

Personal history


Joseph Barnafader was a rough and active boy when he was young, always creating trouble which let to him being thrown out of school when he was 9. His destitute mother tried to send him away as a roper's apprentice but young Joseph stowed away on a large merchant vessel known as the Elderwood, which left port in the early morning. All seemed fine until the Elderwood was attack by Svellbjarg raiders, who easily overpowered the Elderwood's crew and took Joseph and his fellow crewman as prisoners for the next Soulstice. While on their way to the Svellbjargheim mainland Joseph managed to break out of his bounds and jumped overboard into the cold waters of Anar sea. Miraculously for young Joseph a ship from Karankar managed to spot him floating on a piece of driftwood and take him onboard.  


For the next 21 years Joseph Barnafader would serve the navy of Karankar, slowly working his way up the hierarchy from simple deckhand to Boatswain. All went well until the captain he worked under, captain Bokman, decided to rebel against the crown, marking the entire crew as traitors. With their hands forced Bokman's crew began to hunt their prey across the Anar sea. They successfully claimed a few ships but were quickly attracting the attention of the law. Bokman, while being a well decorated navy officer, quickly proved himself to be a less then stellar buccaneer and kept the majority of the spoils for himself. With crew grumbling Joseph began to sow the seeds of discontent and slowly fed the crew more and more outrageous rumours about captain Bokman and his mates. Eventually the crew would go into a full mutiny and captain Bokman and his first, second, and third mate were brutally killed at high noon, with the crew hoping that their souls burned in slow agony in the Soul Sun.  

Adult Live

Joseph Barnafader quickly took control over the now leaderless crew and ordered them to sail the ship east to the Shattered Strait. Here they would have an easier time hiding away from anyone hunting them and find more ships to loot. When he arrived on the first island of the Sigshaven he order a new ship to be constructed with the gold captain Bokman had conveniently left behind. To prevent his crew from leaving he burned their old ship and had them stranded on Sigshaven. When captain Barnafader's new ship was done he came to inspect it, and a black cat jumped aboard, leading him to dope it the Cat's Cabal. The Cat's Cabal would sail up and down the Shattered Strait for 20 years before Barnafader went to settle down on the isle of Drauff in a town known as Lindcaut. Here he used his old pirate ship to build a brothel, named the Cat's Cabal after the ship from which it was build. With the Cat's Cabal Barnafader turned Lindcaut into a luxurious paradise filed with hotels and brothels and quick started the sleepy Drauff into an economic powerhouse. Captain Barnafader died in his 70s during a drunken brawl, leaving no legitimate children behind, and the ownership of the Cat's Cabal went on to his first mate, Richard Halfmast.
Current Location
Circumstances of Birth
Born to a single mother and a unknown father
Circumstances of Death
Died in a drunken barfight
1.78 cm

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