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When marching through the blasted hills of Sutfell a large plume of smoke can be seen in the distance. Following this smoke one eventually sees the smokestacks of an large town, standing defiantly against the winter chill that embraces the region of Sutfell. This is Járnborg, a mining town and one of the greatest exporters of tools and blades on the continent.


Járnborg is ruled over by the headmaster of the Járnborg Miner's Guild. The headmaster is democratically elected by all guild members and is appointed to the office for life. The headmaster's primary concerns are the security of the town and the efficiency of the iron forges.


Járnborg is squeezed in between the eastern mountainside of Djakarfjall and an large stone wall, hew from locally sourced stone. On top of these walls are large ballistae loaded with iron bolts, ready to shoot anything down that dares to threaten the town.

Industry & Trade

Járnborg is primarily a mining town, although it now also specialises in metallurgy and weaponcrafting. The largest mine is build in the eastern-side of Djakarfjall, and it is around this mine that most of the town has slowly build itself. The Djakarmine goes down for mile and is a complex maze of tunnels and branches. Some miners avoid the confusion of the Djakarmine by instead digging up hills in the Sutfell. Which, although less dangerous, is also very labour intensive and not very profitable.   Much of the iron found in these mines is brought into the city to be used in the many forges who's chimney's make up the skyline. In these forges the iron ore is either turned to iron or steel and is moulded into tools for farming or into mass produced blades and rifles. These weapons are exported out of town to be traded for food and timber so Járnborg may continue to exist.


The streets of Járnborg are small and claustrophobic, barely wide enough for the wagons filled with iron and coals to fit through and are made from cold mud and cobble stone. if one has to go through the town swiftly they should take the river, known as the Issvfan, flowing through the southern end of the city instead. The Issvfan is used as the primary source of drinking water of the city, but is also used by the many forges as a dumping place for industrial waste.
Large town
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10 Aug, 2021 05:56

I love the descriptions you have crafted for this place. They are really evocative and really apt for a mining town!