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In the the deep damp bayou near the city of Madamsrest‎ lays the Bayoubajes. A place reserved for only the most dangerous criminals such as drugs barons, gangsters, and highly functional werewolves. The Bayoubajes is run by a private guard force, known simply as the Warden's Man, who work for the warden. All wardens of the prison have been members of the Ratte family, a wealthy and powerful family from Madamsrest‎ proper. The prison is only accessible by boat, which is run by the Warden's Man themselves.


The Bayoubajes is infamous for being impossible to escape. The prison is made out of six dark spiralling towers, covered in silver-tipped spikes and silver bars. These towers lead into a central plaza which is used for guard drills and as an execution ground. The central plaza is surrounded by two sets of walls on which sentries march every 30 minutes. Between the two walls is a kill zone to protect against those who try to dig through. The outer walls are surrounded by miles of waist-high swamp. These waters are home to schools of Bog Snoeks, large aggressive fish which can eat a man whole. Finally to make sure all prisoners are equal magic users are given a collar of anti-magic so they might not use their powers to break out.


Throughout its history only one man has ever escaped the Bayoubajes: A petty pickpocket known as Koenraad van Dinkel. Koenraad was accidentally thrown into Bayoubajes when someone misplaced his incarceration paperwork in the city hall. He was brought into the prison, where he almost immediately made friends with a were-goliath known as Bjork. Koenraad stole as many bed sheets as he could and secretly made himself a wing-suit. Koenraad and Bjork then sneaked their way up to the top of the highest tower, where Bjork threw the slender Koenraad with a mighty thrown. Koenraad then used his wing-suit to fly over the swamp and straight back into Madamsrest‎ where he lived the rest of his days as a free man.

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