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Bál's Ironsworn

In the Sanctum of the Eternal Pyre priests are always hard at work to make sure their patients survive to the next day. But sometimes a warrior comes in who, by the blessings of the six heavens, managed to survive an amputated limb long enough to be brought before them. These warriors are given special care by the high priestess herself, so they might live and fight again for Svellbjargheim. They receive special augments to help them deal with the loss of limbs, and in return the sanctum asks nothing but a prayer in return. Most warriors will thank them and move on, but those who are the most honourable will pledge themselves to the high priestess and to Bál for saving their lives, becoming Bál's Ironsworn.   Bál's Ironsworn are a unit of war veterans who have sworn themselves to protect the high priestess of Bál. They make sure noone in the Sanctum of the Eternal Pyre tries anything funny or threatens the high priestess.



The Ironsworn's numbers fluctuate naturally over time as violence increases or decreases in the region, but on average the Ironsworn are 40 man strong.


The Ironsworn make use of a shield and a special prosthetic weapons. this weapon can be equipped and unequipped from a special socket in their amputated limb. Here are just a few examples:
  • Claws of Erah: A claw-like prosthetic resembling the arm of a bear. Perfect for slicing and dicing.
  • Crystaline Fist: A stump made out of hard crystal that covers the entire arm. It can be used both as a spell focus or as a blunt object to pummel enemies. 
  • Bál's Blaster: A blunderbuss which can be filled with whatever the Ironsworn finds or a special concoction that allows it to shoot fire.
  • The Ironsworn Sabre: A long curved blade that can be folded in and out at will.


The Ironsworn are already veterans of war before coming to the Sanctum of Eternal Pyre. However fighting with a normal weapon is completely different from fighting with a prosthetic and warrior has to proof that they are still capable of fighting like they did on their peak before joining the Ironsworn. The Ironsworn themselves train every other day so they can continue to protect the high priestess of Bál.
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy

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