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Humans are the most widespread of races in Bastion, with numerous variant ethnicities spread across the realms. Humanity is a species of cunning, determination, and a near universal affinity to be and achieve anything.

Civilization and Culture


In a world echoing the ancient kingdoms and species that came before, Humanity finds itself rising to a prominence unlike any experienced before. Though they live short, fleeting lives, Humans have a drive to accomplish as much as they can before death. This spirit gives way to sprawling empires, towering structures, and long honored legacies that are built upon by every generation to come. Some believe the age of Man is already beginning to slowly settle into the world.   Humans are the most adaptable and ambitious people among the common races. Humans come in many different shapes, sizes, and ethnicities, having been borne from many distant corners of the world. A Human society is likely to produce a wider array of professions than any other species of the realms, more potential possible within the short lived than the long, slow, and deliberate.

60-90 Years
Average Height
5'2 - 6'0
Average Weight
160 Pounds

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