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Eye of Sorsen

The Eye of Sorsen was created by an ancient Goliath war chief. His name was Sorsen Rock-Rider, and unlike most of his tribe he possessed an uncanny ability with magic. This skill gave him the power to become the war chief of his tribe and conquer much of the northern lands.

During the Year of Lost Light a group of vampires began terrorizing the Goliath tribes of the north. This conflict was the push to unite the Goliath tribes and the catalyst for the creation of the eye.

Sorsen gathered all of the tribal shamans and together they channeled their magic into an obsidian sphere. The sphere absorbed this magic power and became the weapon Sorsen would use to defeat the vampires!

After the defeat of the vampires Sorsen and the united tribes kept command of the north until Sorsen’s death. His sons fought over the eye, and divided the tribes once more. After this the eye was lost for generations until it came into the possession of a gnome adventurer, Dagworth Fizzlepen. Fizzlepen claimed to have found it in the possession of a vampire he dueled to the death, although the validity of this claim was never verified by the sages of Bastion.

On thelast venture of Fizzlepen he was on a mission to retrieve some lost villagers in the Dagger's Edge Mountains and was never heard from again. The Eye of Sorsen remains lost to this day.
This item allows the wielder to cast the following spells Daylight 2/day, Fireball 1/day, Scorching Ray 3/day, and Burning Hands 4/day.
Desription The Eye of Sorsen is an obsidian stone 5 inches in diameter. Across the face of the stone are several ancient runes which give the stone its powers.

Item type

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