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9 Shemu 2774

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After the Warlord's disappearance in Peret 2730, Zodanga, still officially a vassal kingdom of the Heliumetic Empire, becomes emboldened by the new vacuum of power opened in his absence. Zodanga begins to slowly position itself as a cultural leader on Barsoom, ostensibly championing social justice causes while using its networks of organized crime to sow seeds of discontent and onerous networks of usury. It has united loosely with Phundahl and Kaol, instigating a social movement to reinstate the Cult of Issus in Kaol and the cult of Tur in Phundahl. Many suspect the involvement of the Holy Therns. Carthoris and his grandfather Mors Kajak, in an attempt to quell discontent in the warlord's absence and to maintain the imperial ambitions of Helium, begin a forceful campaign to persuade other Red Martian nations to abandon slavery.


Although Zodanga once perpetrated one of the largest sustained campaigns of genocide on the planet, against the Green Martians, today it actively deflects public discourse by alleging the commission of war crimes and injustices by other nations. Zodanga currently maintains an excavation crew, more than two thousand strong, operating on the bed of the Throxeus Ocean. Reports are surfacing, alleging the discovery of a mass grave of more than three million at the site and strong evidence of the warlord's hand in the matter.

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