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Exploring the Fort Eidolon

General Summary

After spotting the Ghosts floating around the fort the party fall back to the bridge connecting the fort to the shore, there they spot that a ship as entered the river fork and several boats are surounding the fort.   Hauflin recognises the ships flag as being that of House Ishkarat.   They are hailed by the T'skrang ship captain who requests Bakshevas for crossing his river, after some haggling the party reluctantly agrees to pay him 125 gp, they part on friendly terms.   Reluctant to head back into the fort past the ghosts the party explore the rest of the island looking for another way into the cellar of the fortress. They eventually find an underwater tunnel but only two of the party can swim, growing bored with their debating Hauflin summons a giant squid and has it drag the party through the tunnels into the Fortress dungeon.   Inside the underground chambers they come across several traps that Giltris disarms and in the central chamber a large glowing crystal that Giltris and Hauflin become entranced by, quick action by Astra prevents Hauflin from touching the Gem but Ragnaross attempt to tackle Giltris misses the nimble Elf and she touches the Crystal. As soon as she does the Crystal shatters and Giltris falls to the floor. Hauflin finds a round Gem that was apparently at the heart of the large crystal, when he grabs it he finds himself mentally speaking with Giltris. Astra eventually works out that reuniting the Gem with Giltris body will allow her to regain control of it. It seems that the Crystal was a Soul Catcher that was malfunctioning due to age.   Giltris's problem solved for the time being the party continue exploring the chambers below Fort Eidolon, eventually Astra spots fresh footprints that lead to a small study where it seems someone removed something from a hidden compartment behind a bookcase.   In another room they meet the ghost of Raithriel the Forts elf commander, speaking with her they find out that the ghost are here because they where cursed by House Ishkarat during the war, she agrees to tell the party what Leldrin took and where he is headed next if they release the curse.   There are two ways to release the curse.
1) An honest prayer by a member of House Ishkarat to Mynbruje to break the curse.
2) Spill the hearts blood of a good son of House Ishkarat on the steps of the throne in the chambers under Fort Eidolon.   The party remembering the captain they met earlier and unwilling to murder a good person decide to speak to him and convince him to pray to lift the curse.   They manage to convince him by pointing out that with the ghost gone House Ishkarat could rebuild the fort here and gain greater control of this section of the The Serpent River.   The curse lifted Raithriel holds up her end of the deal and reveals that Leldrin took the Tome of Protector Gelluinir Thilion, he then headed north most likely into Blood Wood, she also speculates that his ultimate destination is likely Parlinth, as the Protector Gelluinir was a powerful individual in that city aeons ago.

Missions/Quests Completed

lifted the curse trapping the spirits of the Elvish garrison in the fort.   Discovered that Leldrin came here for a book and then left for Blood Wood on his way to Parlinth

Character(s) interacted with

T'skrang riverboat captain

Report Date
04 Feb 2018
Primary Location
Fort Eidolon

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6 Feb, 2018 19:15

It was 125 gold plus a song and dance from Ragnaros.

6 Feb, 2018 19:16

This comment was added by one of my players.

12 Feb, 2018 19:44

Great to see adventure logs being posted! (The RPG update which Dimitris is working on now will help with this too.) Really great work - sounds like an awesome adventure! :D