The Foundation of Barren's End



What is your motivation for building this world?

  I want to write a bright, optimistic space opera because I loved watching and reading them when I was a kid and I feel like most modern space operas are too grim, nihilistic, or pessimistic or some combination of the above.  

What are you hoping to get out of it?

  I hope to recreate for myself and others the wonder and adventure that is missing in a lot of modern space opera.  

What is the Hook or Unique Selling Point of your world? What makes it unique or different?

  The story takes place in a universe where humans are a part of a vast diaspora. They are not a major power, and no one knows where to find the Earth that was.  



What’s the Genre of your World?

  Simply put it is space opera, science fantasy, or technofantasy. What makes it unique is that in drawing on my inspirations from Lensmen and Barsoom to Dune and Star Wars, I knew that I wanted there to be deeper almost magical mysteries in the setting, so I am adding elements from Wuxia to give it a unique flavor.  

How does the world feel?

  The world should feel lived in and old; familiar but different. Optimism and sense of wonder and possibility should fill every aspect of it.  

What is the tone of your world?

  Noble Light Gray or maybe Noble Silver would be a better way to put it. People have to work for what they have, and life isn’t always easy, but there is always hope because people really can make a difference even at the scale of the galaxy.  

What is the character agency level like?

  Stories should vary from the intimate and small to the grand and epic. The is a world of heroes, if that is what the characters want to be.  

What are the recurring themes which reinforce the genre, tone and feel of your world?

  1. Diversity is the cornerstone of our strength. I want the story to show this not only through a diverse cast, but by pointing out the diversity of opinion and talent we possess within.   2. No one is an island. Everything is interconnected from the largest scale to the smallest.   3. Hopelessness is a lack of Imagination. Sometimes the powers that be work to limit the options we can imagine so we cannot dream of a world without them.  


  1. Technology Influence: Technology is an augmentation not a replacement for responsibility or judgement. When it becomes something more than that is has developed into something more than technology. With the discovery of the Vahn, this idea will be put to the test.   2. Military Influence: The Pathfinder Legion appears to be a military organization, but they define the marshall capability as self-defence. When pushed on, will they succumb to militarism or stay true to their moral vision of the universe.   3. Culture Influence: The cultivators develop themselves and others to be better, often through combat either in competitions, sparing, or duels.   4. Government Presence: In the vacuum created by the loss of the An-sarra, chaos took hold. Some reacted with authoritarianism, but not everyone.   5. Rule Of Law: Who has the right to enforce their laws in the barrens of space.  


  1. The Pharos seized control of most of the hyperspace jump gates in the wake of the fall of the An-sarra and have become a despotic stateless master of the galaxy.   2. The Firinn have fallen and the galactic underworld is roiling with strife as other houses seek to take control.   3. The Suran have set out to build themselves an empire with no care for the suffering they cause in others.   4. The Aerisians launch the first ships they contributed to the Pathfinder Legion. They seek to prove themselves.   5. Rumors circulate that the Thalassans survived the chaos after the Dark Nova and have secretly rebuilt their fleets to take back the empire they lost.

Cover image: by C. E. Dorsett


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