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Tair Kor class superstation

The Tair class superstation was the last major joint effort of the Mulin, the Sen, and the Shinari in the wake of the The Dark Nova to memorialize the incalculable loss of life wrought by the disaster. Tair Khor is An-sarran for "Noble Memorial."   The first constructed was the Tsufith, from the An-sarran tsufi yith, "empty tomb." Commonly known as The Cenotaph.   The scale of the Tair Kor project strained the resources of wounded galaxy, but it provided a focus for the people of the former An-sarran Empire to find meaning in the disaster.   Throughout the project, the Shinari pushed themselve into a more senior role in the partnership since they claimed ownership of the An-mul system.   Eventually, the Mulin left the alliance and refused to send the remainder of thei contribution to the project. Not too long after that, the Sen also pulled out   The three only worked on the initial Cenotaph project. The other four stations were scaled down and built exclusively by the Shinari.
Used by
Memorial Class
"Never forget those we've lost."
Creation Date
5 to 15 AN
Only 5 were ever constructed

Cover image: by C. E. Dorsett


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