Qhaiddin are an species of energy beings from the world of Kiara claim to be an enlightened species who left their mortal flesh behind, though the prevalence of energy creatures on their home world makes that unlikely. Rumors persist they are from the same hyperspace domain that Raewyn came from. This is made even more likely by the fact that every Qhaiddin culture has a version of the Legend of the Hikara Tera. They are all, at least in part, seeking to find the Temple of Light to restore the glory of their people.   Of the many culture among the Qhaiddin, the hegemony of the Qhasin leads most people to believe that they are the only or universal culture. While this isn't true, it is a safe assumption to make. Most of the other Qhaiddin either shun interactions with outsiders, or tolerate the presumption so their activities go unnoticed by their wider society.    The Qhasin believe that their people achieved a state of enlightenment millennia ago, but refused to pass beyond the limitations of the material world so they might shepherd other less fortunate people toward the same glory they have embraced for themselves.   Mother Mecatl is believed to be the first Qhaiddin to achieve enlightenment and founded the Hikara Tera on the lost Jahanara to bring the Light of Truth to all the world. The location of Jahanara was lost in the aftermath of the The Dark Nova.


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