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Death House - Entrance


A wrought-iron gate with hinges on one side and a lock on the other fills the archway of a stone portico (1A). The gate is unlocked and its rusty hinges shriek when the gate is opened. Oil lamps hang from the portico ceiling by chains, flanking a set of oaken doors that open into a grand foyer (1B)


Door to the south leading out and a door going north that leads to the next room

Contents & Furnishings

Hanging on the south wall of the foyer is a shield emblazoned with a coat-of-arms depicting a golden windmill on a red field. This is flanked by framed portraits of stony-faced aristocrats (dead Durst members)

Special Properties

Once the players enter the house, the door behind them will be shut and they cannot open the door.
Room, Common, Antechamber
Parent Location
Connected Rooms

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