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9. Secret Room

This secret room contained bookshelves packed with tomes describing fiend-summoning rituals and the necromantic rituals of a cult called the Priests of Osybus

Contents & Furnishings

A heavy wooden chest with clawed iron feet stands against the east wall, its lid half-closed. Sticking out of the chest is a skeleton in leather armor. Close inspection reveals that the skeleton belongs to a human who triggered a poisoned dart trap, with three dots sticking out of its armor and ribcage. The trap no longer works.

Clutched in the skeleton's left hand is a letter bearing a red seal on it ( Strahd's Note to Durst )


The chest contains three blank books with black leather covers (worth 25 GP each), three spell scrolls (bless, protection from poison, and spiritual weapon), the deed to the house, the deed to a windmill (located in the mountains east of Vallaki) and a signed will. The will is signed by Gustav and Elizabeth Durst and bequeathes the house, the windmill and all other family property to Rosavalda and Thornboldt Durst in the event of their parents' deaths. (The books, scrolls, deeds and will remain intact if removed from house.)

Special Properties

Spending an hour studying the books in this room and passing a DC 12 Int (Arcana) check will reveal these books are bogus.

Room, Secret, Entry
Parent Location
Death House
Connected Rooms

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