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4. Kitchen and Pantry


There are only two doors, one to the west leading back to the main hall and one to the north leading to the walk-in pantry.

Contents & Furnishings

The kitchen is tidy, with dishware, cookware and utensils neatly placed on shelves. A worktable has a cutting board and rolling pin atop it. A stone, domeshaped over stands near the northern wall, its bent iron stovepipe connection to a hole in the ceiling. Behind the stove and to the left is a door leading to a wellstocked pantry. All the food in the pantry appears fresh but tastes bland.

Hazards & Traps

In the southeast corner of the kitchen is a small door leading to a dumbwaiter - a 2-foot wide stone shaft containing a wooden elevator box attached to a simple rope-and-pulley mechanism that must be operated manually. It connects to 7. The Servants' Quarters and 12. Master Suite . Hanging on the wall next to the dumbwaiter is a tiny brass bell attached by wires to buttons in those other areas.
A Small character can squeeze into the elevator box with successful DC 10 Dex (Acrobatic) check. Dumbwaiter can support 200 pounds of weight.

Room, Common, Kitchen
Parent Location
Death House
Connected Rooms

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