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3. Den of Wolves


This oak paneled room looks like a hunter's den


There's only one door to the north which leads back into the main hall

Contents & Furnishings

Mounted above the fireplace is a stag's head and positioned around the outskirts of the room are three stuffed wolves. Two padded chairs draped in animal furs face the hearth, with an oak table between them supporting a cask of wine, two carved wooden goblets, a pipe rack, and a candelabrum. A chandelier hangs above a cloth-covered table which is surrounded by four chairs. Two cabinets stand against the walls.


The north cabinet is locked which can be picked with thieves' tools and a successful DC 15 Dex check. Inside is a heavy crossbow, a light crossbow, a hand crossbow and 20 bolts for each weapon.   The west cabinet is unlocked and has a small box with a deck of playing cards and an assortment of wine glasses.

Hazards & Traps

There is a trapdoor in the southeast corner of the floor but it cannot be detected or opened until the characters approach it from the underside. Otherwise, the House hides it supernaturally.

Special Properties

Perform hidden Perception check at DC 20. One person notices the wolf head move.

Room, Common, Office
Connected Rooms

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