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15. Nursemaid's Suite


Dust and cobwebs shroud an elegantly appointed bedroom and an adjoining nursery. Double doors set with panes of stained glass pull open to reveal a balcony overlooking the front of the house.


A friendly encounter allows the PCs to communicate directly with the spirit of the nursemaid (Margaret). If approached with hostility, the specter vanishes in fright. If approached with kindness or respect, however, the nursemaid’s specter introduces herself as Margaret. She is withdrawn and shy, and does not fully understand how or why she died. She is confused, and frequently jumps between awareness and ignorance of her own state of undeath, sometimes in the same sentence.   She speaks fondly of Mr. Durst, but avoids mentioning their affair out of a sense of propriety. If a PC asks her about her relationship with Mr. Durst or her parentage of Walter, she smiles sadly and informs the party that it is “not her place to speak of such things.” She adores Rose, Thorn, and Walter. While she does not speak ill of Mrs. Durst if asked, she is clearly uncomfortable and fearful of the lady of the house. When the PCs finish their conversation, she scoops up the “baby” in her arms and informs the PCs that she’s taking him to play with his older brother and sister. Margaret then walks through the mirror into the attic; a moment later, the secret door clicks open, revealing the hidden passageway. Margaret does not appear again.

Contents & Furnishings

The bedroom contains a large bed, two end tables and an empty wardrobe. Mounted on the wall next to the wardrobe is a full-length mirror with an ornate wooden frame carved to look like ivy and berries. DC 12 Wisdom (Perception) check reveals that their are eyeballs in the berries.

The nursery contains a crib covered with a hanging black shroud. When a character part the shroud, they see a tightly wrapped, baby-sized bundle in the crib. Unwrapping the blanket reveals nothing inside.

Hazards & Traps

Checking the mirror reveals a secret door behind it. It can be easily opened, revealing a cobweb-filled wooden staircase leading to the attic.


This bedroom once belonged to the family's nursemaid. The master of the house and the nursemaid had an affair, which led to the birth of a bastard child, Walter.

Room, Common, Bedroom
Parent Location
Death House
Connected Rooms

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