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12. Master Suite


The double doors to this room have dusty panes of stained glass set into them. The designs in the glass resemble windmills.


Upon entering, one of the first things that catches their attention is a thin, ghost-like undead creature (ghast) that is hung by a noose next to the bed. The creature is finely dressed and does not move. In his hand is a note. He is dressed in clothes similar to the man in the painting.

DC 13 Wisdom (Medicine) check reveals he has been dead for no more than a few hours (This isn't true but part of the house's curse)

Contents & Furnishings

The dusty, cobweb-filled master bedroom has burgundy drapes covering the windows. Furnishings include a four-poster bed with embroidered curtains and tattered gossamer veils, a matching pair of empty wardrobes, a vanity with a wood-framed mirror and jewelry box and a padded chair. A rotting tiger-skin rug lies on the floor in front of the fireplace, which has a dust-covered portrait of the husband and wife from the other painting above it. Underneath the painting is a plaque that reads "Gustav and Elizabeth Durst"

A web-filled parlor in the southeast corner contains a table and two chairs. Resting on the dusty tablecloth is an empty porcelain bowl and a matching jug

A door facing the foot of the bed has a full-length mirror mounted on it. The door opens to reveal an empty dust-choked closet. A door to the east leads to an outside balcony.


The jewelry box on the vanity is made of silver with gold designs flowing through it (75 gp). Inside are three gold rings (25 gp a piece) and a thin platinum necklace with a topaz pendant (750 gp). There is also a note inside the box (Elizabeth's Note)

They can also safely remove the note from the ghast's hand. (He is dead) Gustav's Suicide Note

Room, Common, Bedroom
Parent Location
Death House
Connected Rooms

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