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Nestled between the worlds of reality and nightmare lies a valley shrouded in mist. Its inhabitants know little more than fear, with woods filled with creeping, crawling, howling creatures of the night, who seek to devour any who wander too far from the path. Even in the few miserable settlements, something foul lurks in the shadows, and the pungent stench of death hangs over every wretched inhabitant. Even the sun itself refuses to fully show its face to the cursed lands. Worst of all is the one who watches solemnly over the lands from the foreboding Castle Ravenloft, known to the Barovians as the Devil Strahd. Fortunately, the twisted valley is held captive by a tight shroud of mist, through which almost none can pass. Unfortunately for you, an adventurer who has found themselves somehow transported to this melancholy realm, this mist now stands between you and freedom. You only have one hope to escape. Discover the dark history of the valley and its mysterious ruler, and find a way to end the curse.

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