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Bare feet, arizona

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This is a world a lot like our own. There's the same people, the same countries, the same media but here there is magic.   From the beginning of time humans have lived along side hundreds of different magical creatures. From vampires to centaurs, elves to ogres. As time went on they developed new technologies together, bringing in a new era of magic and humans living together.   However, this doesn't mean there's perfect harmony. In this world there are two groups of magical creatures. First, there are the fae. Fae are considered people. They have rational thinking minds, can control their powers, and many of the different species have their own societies, cultures, and beliefs.   The second group is the sylphs. They're considered to be closer to animals, any magic a sylph might have often controls them and usually have simple instinct driven minds. The sylphs can range from adorable hand sized pets to monsterous ten foot beast that pose a threat to all people, human and fae a like.