Oh yes, turning into an uncontrollable monster is quite the awful experience. And most who succumb to the disease can only fight for so long before giving up and embracing their new form. This experience is one that his author knocks on wood of the elder tree to avoid. May the fae protect us all in the forests when we have need. But what if one could control the transformation? Would the risk be worth it? And who would you trust to guild you through it?   One druidic cult throws its tree branch into forest: The Grove of the Moon. They worship Narrah, a female incarnation of the moon and their nature god. Officially they are Neutral in the Law-Chaos balance, but their actions certain lean to Law. Or at the very least good. Their grove is east of Bard's Gate and resides somewhere in the Stoneheart Forest. They know of the reputation of lycanthropes and so they remain secretive, even to other druid circles. Their observations of the moon have given them insight into the various lycanthropic conditions, though they have more experience with werewolf and were rats.   The more tradition option would be wolf's bane which can be used to cure lycanthropy. However, it is itself a powerful narcotic capable of twisting the user's mind. Due to this it is regulated heavily by the guilds and government of Bard's Gate. No trader would run afoul with their rules lest their company be blacklisted from all activities and places where Bard's Gate has influence. Which, I remind you, is nearly the whole of Akados. Your best best would be to take a ship to Libynos. Trade does exist between the continents but Bard's Gate political influence finds no purchase there. As of yet.


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