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Fixation Gyration

That's a Fixation Gyration. Whoever she is, she's a magic user.
Grandmother Riku speaking about Zaza

A Focusing Tool

Often sought but rarely given, this is a magical focus specifically made and meant for magic users with conditions that makes focus hard. Common among magic users in the ADHD and autism communities, stimming with one of these will provide the mental focus required to do magic in a controlled fashion.

Without this focusing tool, magic users with ADHD, autism, and other similar mental or physical conditions are still capable of magic, but the effects can be erratic. A simple match spell can burn down a house. As such, these magical tools are given freely to those who need them, often before the magic user knows they need one.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The outer workings are variant depending upon the person and their personal magical focus. Zaza, for example, uses a copper Fixation Gyration. Others may need one made from amethyst, tigers eye, or any other gem or metal.

The inner workings are standard to the non-magical variant, known among Mundanes as fidget spinners, and can be found in the sidebar under raw components.

Manufacturing process

These are individually crafted from carved gemstones (usually lab grown) or metals that have been forged into the right shape.

Built into the Fixation Gyration along with the inner bearings is a small spell of enhanced focus. This spell enhances the focus ability of the user when the magic user. If they are focused on something, that focus is enhanced while the Fixation Gyration is in use. When the focus is broken, the spell goes dormant until it is called into use again.


The carrier of a Fixation Gyration is always a person of neurodiverse origins. It is not uncommon for anyone with an inability to focus, mental or physical, to be gifted one. Examples include but are not limited to ADHD, autism, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and schizoaffective disorder.

Item type
Current Holder
Uncommon. They are crafted and donated to those who need them as magical foci.
3 oz
3 inch diameter
Raw materials & Components
The outer working are consistently made from different materials, often gemstone or metal, but the inner workings are consistent:

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5 Mar, 2021 03:13

I like the concept of magic users with ADHD and other such issues. Very creative and cool, could also work very well in real world+supernatural setting. Has a lot of potential.

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