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Bardford Tales

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An urban fantasy surrounding a permanent renaissance festival known as Fort Bardford, located in central California.

Home to humans, Fae, magic users, and various other non-humans, this town is a welcoming place to all those who do not quite fit into society at large, either due to race, disposition, or magical ability. Outside of Bardford, non-humans and magic users face mass descrimination.

Nearby is the town of Calchester, which does not like Fort Bardford and it's non-human and magic using residents. This town is generally avoided by the Fort Bardford residents except in times of dire need.

Farther away but still nearby is Hempstead. A hippie town which supplies many marijuana businesses up and down California with the finest (and less finest) strains of marijuana, this is where most residents of Fort Bardford pick up groceries and other staples.