Lazlo Dalca

Played by: Dream Fiend

Lazlo Dalca (a.k.a. Fiend)

Mental characteristics

Personal history

October 2nd, 1478: Lazlo Dalca was born in a small Romanian village to Garridan and Mirela Dalca. They were a poor family and Lazlo's father was rarely ever home for very long. Sometimes leaving for months at a time. Garridan was a fisherman, spending a lot of time trying to work enough to provide for his family. Lazlo had a warm first few years of life. They were poor, but they had each other. Lazlo's mother did her best to teach her son as he grew, Lazlo wanting to make his father proud. Constantly trying to impress him when he is home. Some nights his father would come home and give off an unsettling feeling, but he never was harsh. Only seeming to get angry with other townsfolk, some days the other people in the village completely avoiding his father.  
When Lazlo was seven years of age his mother was late to return home that evening, only managing to make it after dark. She fell ill that night, weak even in the mornings to come until she eventually passed. No one in the town could tell Garridan or Lazlo what she was even sick with. She seemingly just was overcome with fatigue and weakness, lasting only a day or two after first falling ill. Garridan could barely handle this, his son noticing and realizing he became angrier and angrier this next year. He tried to keep it together for his son, but it was not to last. When Lazlo was 8 years old, his Father left him. He told his son he would return and he was just leaving to a fishing trip, that he needed to make more money so they could have a better life. Lazlo was heartbroken, but he trusted his father would return. He clung to the only thing he had of them: his mother's necklace, and he kept it on always as a reminder he was not alone.   He spent the next years of his life living hand to mouth, sometimes doing work for people around the village to get food or enough to buy food. Some days were harder than others, getting by on one meal or hardly anything at all. Since he was spending nearly all his time working, learning was out of the question unless it was little lessons from others that would help him get what he needs more easily. In this time Lazlo picked up mending so that he could repair his clothes when they tore with little bits of other fabric. Since he was still barely scratching by, it was not like he could afford to replace anything unless he had no other choice. During this time Lazlo had one friend. A girl in the village with curly lighter brown hair that reached past her shoulders. Her name was Sabina, and any time he could spare that he was not working to scrounge for enough money for food, he spent with her. The only light in these dark times.   Lazlo when he reached his teenage years got a job that was finally more steady. He would watch docks at night, ready to be a guiding light for those at sea. Lighting a great fire for them to follow home. Every time travelers came by land or sea he hoped his father would be among them, only to be met with disappointment time and time again. The night before his twentieth birthday was no exception. He watched as always, eventually noticing a form by the water. Being a compassionate young man, Lazlo went down near the water's edge to speak with him. The man was garbed in red and black. A cloak pulled over his shoulders made of a dark coarse pelt that appeared to have belonged to a wolf. The man's eyes were harsh, his long silver hair cascading down his back far below his shoulders. Lazlo asked if he was alright, if he was looking for someone or something. He was concerned that someone this older man was with had fallen in and needed help. His question was met with no answer, just pain. Before he knew it he could feel the life draining from his body as his vision faltered. He had not even seen the man move. Everything went dark and cold.   October 2nd 1498: Lazlo awakens in a panic. He slams his fists above himself into the wood of a coffin. Realizing he was buried alive and not knowing how or why this happened he began beating on the lid until the splintering wood and the paste of his own bloody knuckles freed him from the coffin. His first breath however was not air, it was slightly damp soil in the basement of an old stoney fortress. After he finally manages to crawl out of the Earthy prison he sees a painting of himself, all color drained from him as if in death. Lazlo panics, looking upon the other holes in the dirt near to where he emerged. He stumbles out of the room in a daze, the ground littered with bodies, ash, and thick blood. He hears growling, near feral howls that almost sound human as he tries to find his way out of here, only for the panic and stress to overtake him with frenzy.   Not awakening from the blackout until much later, thick near blackened blood on his mouth and hands, as well as ash scattered about. Lazlo remains panicked, he has no idea why this has happened to him. Only that he is clearly cursed. He finds a letter from his murderer. He had been made to die, left to die, and told if he somehow survived to end his own life. Lazlo could not fathom why this happened. What did he do to deserve this? He moved into a corner of the stoney room, letter in one hand, and cried. He cried for hours until the dawn forced sleep onto him.   The next night he rose, Lazlo found his Sire's library and began to try to read. With his lack of education a lot of it took some time, but eventually he understood what he was. He was some form of demon now, or meant to be. A blood sucking monster that the daylight would destroy. He was tempted to do as the letter had said and remain out before Dawn, yet a voice stirred within him. At first like a gentle whisper. The guiding voice called out to him and began to teach him of his power. How to use his Vampiric gifts to change himself and how to use his blood to make his body stronger. Over these next few weeks this voice was his only teacher. His own guardian spirit or so he thought.   A month later, Lazlo feels a yearning to go home. He was lonely. The voice in his mind was a grand teacher but not true company. He wanted to see Sabina. Before he had perished he intended to ask her father permission to begin to court her. If anyone missed him. If anyone wondered where he had gone, it would be her. Lazlo garbed himself in black, heading out of the fortress in the earlier hours of the night. He went back to his hometown and to his friend's home. When she opened the door she looked like she had seen a ghost, asking where he had been all this time. She commented he was freezing, bid him to come inside and started a fire in the hearth to warm him. This fire would be her last mistake as he lost complete control of his body, first reacting with fear, then rage. His beast took over, yet unlike with the former frenzies that preluded it, he could see it all. Trapped in the nightmare unable to stop his body as he destroyed the one person who missed him.    The one person in this whole world that still loved and cared for him. When control returned. Lazlo was alone again, now more than ever. He fled after the uncontrollable murder of his only friend, returning to the fortress to live out his nights there where he cannot hurt anyone else he knew. There he stayed for a few years training his mastery of his powers until another tragedy would strike.   March, 1506. A man with dark hair with streaks of grey and brown eyes entered the Fortress. He was garbed in leathers with a weapon at his side. It was then that Lazlo's longest wish was cruelly granted. Now of all times. For the person who had come to destroy him was none other than his own father. Garridan Dalca. Garridan was no fool, much to Lazlo's surprise he called him out as a Fiend. A demon within the flesh of his dead son. That he can come to free his child's soul from this nightmare and torment. He chided Lazlo, ignoring any of his pleas that he was still his son. That he was just cursed and they could try to fix it. Garridan did not relent, he moved to take a torch, and light it, waving it to provoke his son into attacking to make the act of putting him out of his misery and curse easier. It was then that Lazlo's Zulo shape awakened. At such an early stage, with little more than the guidance of the voice in his head and the stress of the situation. Everything went red, then it all went black. Lazlo was not back to himself until he woke on the stony ground, beside the lifeless and torn apart body of his father. Lazlo let out an anguished scream as he held his father's remains, and he wept. He ignored the gashes and wounds of his own body, too distressed from the loss he has suffered. It was then that he removed his tear ducts. Monsters should not cry. And he was clearly nothing more than a monster. He destroyed the only people he loved. The only people who loved him. Clearly, Lazlo had died. He was someone else. Something else.   October, 1527. Lazlo one again found his sire. During this time he practiced, training with bladed weapons to be able to properly block the Old man and his hidden sword within his cane. It did not help.   February 1589. Once again Lazlo caught up to his sire, this time attempting to use fleshcrafting on him only to get knocked from a nearby roof and the stable he landed near was shortly set on fire. This sort of back and forth continues for until his sire flees once more.   1595, Lazlo sired his first childe, Ana only for her to return to her village to speak with her family and be burned as a monster.   1642. Lazlo attempts to sire again, this time his childe panicking after their first frenzy. This childe chose to meet the sun willingly rather than continue with voices in their head and knowing they are a monster.   1675. Another encounter with his sire, this time due to his sire himself finding him building a lair and proceeding to lure him out before burning it.   1712-1729. Lazlo briefly goes by a new name, Vadim. He makes his hair black for this new alias and mostly hunts other vampires for training so that he knows how to counter different Disciplines.   1748-1774. Lazlo spends this time hunting down his sire's other unliving childer to ensure he is noticed by wiping out all others. Eventually this catches Corneliu's attention enough for him to once again set fire to his childe's base/haven when he leaves it in an attempt at ambushing the Older Vampire.   Mid to late 1800s. Lazlo arrives in England to hunt his sire. During this time he attempts many ambushes and briefly uses his Vadim persona to kill Thin Bloods  and Caitiffs , primarily using them to feed on before finishing them off by blade to not stain his aura with further diablerie. During this time, his sire took his family heirloom necklace and had it modified into a locket and engraved with his name by a mage as well as cursed to be irremovable once clasped around his neck. The locket had an additional curse to make it so if the Fiend lied, it would feel as if the lies manifested worms and bugs crawling in his skin until he confessed the truth. Corneliu hoped this would keep his plunge into further corruption at bay by denying being capable of abandoning his true name as well as being unable to reprogram himself with the affirmations that Asakku typically repeat. His sire managed to trick him into trying to take back the necklace, only to be fought, defeated, and collared with it.   Lazlo was bitter at being tricked and cursed, spending much more of his time in this city to ambush his sire at every turn, claiming the unlife of another newly made childer of his. At some point Lazlo felt drawn to a mansion near the edge of the city. He planned to see why he felt like he needed to go there, the voice in his mind trying to convince him that there are others that way, only to see on the way to the mansion afamiliar blood red trenchcoat and the entire manor in flames. Once again, another possibility for answers and his sire is in the way. This filled him with fury as he trained his power even more still, preparing for his chance to fight.

Before his sire could go to another city, one farther by boat, Lazlo ambushed him again for a fight. His skills with a blade were far better than they were before, almost being able to overpower Corneliu this time. However he once again lost to the old man who approached while he was barely clinging to unlife, blade in hand, pointing it to his childe. Yet once again, Corneliu could not finish Lazlo off. Leaving on the ship, leaving him behind.   1900s. Lazlo arrived in America. He was lost at first in a new world once again. He did not immediately look for his sire this time, ending up coming across a new group with new ideals. The Sabbat. Lazlo learned at first, watching from afar until eventually he joined them His first pack made a choice to pose as a traveling circus. "Fiend" made many freaks for the freakshow. Animals with extra limbs, fakes of mythological creatures. Intentionally crafted deformities. During this time Lazlo as well was a clown during performance. He did acrobatics while dressed up. It was then that he gave himself longer ears and a monkey-like tail to help with his tricks. Lazlo loved the circus, he grew close to those here. For a time he forgot about his revenge scheme, letting himself be happy. This went on for about a decade before one of the cities they traveled to had a familiar face within it. Living in the basement of a theater with his research.   "Fiend" continues with his time in the circus, but now has something else to focus on. His revenge once more. He slowly builds up to it, stalking and killing his Sire's ghouls one by one. Every time he saw a mortal leave the theater he would follow, sensing and observing. If he confirmed it was a Ghoul, they would die. One of these nights he saw a younger form. A young man named Leon working with his Sire. A runner for letters and other little errands. "Fiend" begins to watch this young man, yet does not give him the same fate as the other ghouls. Instead introducing himself as the sire's childe later once the ghoul was Embraced. He spent time getting to know and speaking to his Brother by sire, eventually offering to teach him Vicissitude. His birthright as a Tzimisce. The younger vampire agrees, amazed by the power and longing to show his sire what he learned. Unfortunately it was not well received.   Fiend then followed, Wondering if this is what would finally succeed. His Sire would have to accept his other childe. He spent all this time to teach him and raise him. Would he abandon this one like he did to him? Or accept them both now? Much to his dismay he caught up to them to witness his sire pulling his blade out of the other childe. Successfully torporing him. Fiend was furious, darting over to fight his sire. The battle went for hours until the winner was different than usual. Fiend was the Victor, standing over his sire. He finally had his moment of revenge, but another idea came to mind. He killed Corneliu's other assorted childer, not Leon. Only those older and fused their arms to their sire's body. Shifting and warping his form into a living coatrack made of arms. He would stay trapped in this form for some time.

Leon however, was placed in a room in the basement of Fiend's haven, The door papered over where he could sleep. Sleep the peaceful sleep of Torpor as his body recovered.

Fiend spent more time in the circus, yet his true home remained separate as always. His sire was trapped as furniture, everything was going well finally in his life. He decided to take a childe of his own. In 1966 Siring a Young woman named Victoria who had run away with dreams to join the circus to find freedom from her life. Victoria learned quickly that the Sabbat Life is not quite what she expected. The girl posed as a clown along side her sire, eventually giving herself a simple monkey-like tail as well for their acrobatics act. This duo act continued, the Sabbat all going well until Betrayal. His own childe set fire to the Circus while he was away, burning and killing the entirety of the pack to prove herself to the Camarilla so that they would accept her. Fiend confronted his childe in the lower levels of the hall of mirrors, smashing the largest one and running a large blade of glass through Victoria. Leaving her body behind to perish when the flames finished destroying all he once cared for here.   Fiend spent time away from Sects, Just living in Los Angeles for a while until he heard rumor of other Sabbat in the city. A small group in the local Elysium began to hint back and forth about the Sword of Caine. Not wanting to be accused of treason or seen as a target he spoke of the Sabbat, drawing their attention and awe to him. Over this time he gathered a bit of a following with the local strays, eventually being asked to be their Ductus. Their first Vaulderie ritae being used to save another from the Blood Bond. Of course, he agreed to do so. These became his people and his pack. And he became their leader and protector. Every member was a new attachment, and the viniculum ensured he could feel care and as if he was cared for. Even then however. He insisted his name was Fiend. That he needed no name, for A name only makes you become attached to something. And he was not worth becoming attached to.   While in the Sabbat his Cruelty amped up for some time. Kidnapping and feeding almost exclusively on Thin Bloods and Caitiff for a while in the lower levels of his home while also beginning to build a massive sprawling labyrinth of flesh. The labyrinth was filled with horrible creatures all set to if their master fell into torpor or was slain, would frenzy. Tearing out through the city to massacre all above. He kept the facade of being a friendly face, usually the first new to the city Kindred met. Even the Camarilla who entered the city seemed to grow close enough. But they only had one side of the Fiend. Only the side he showed in public. This is when he met Margo, and later Aston whom she married.

He played piano for their wedding as well as occasionally calling off his Sect from hunting them. Yet in time he was beginning to darken. Nightmares had begun to plague Fiend, bouts of paranoia and moodswings. Most of the Sabbat thought this was about normal for one of low humanity, yet it was not the case. He was not on the path of Humanity.

A Gangrel by the name of Luke began to hang around the places this particular pack did, at first due to connections to a member of the pack. But that later turned to a seeming curiosity with their Leader. The more time he spent around Fiend, the more he began to challenge his beliefs and the Sabbat codes. This often sent Fiend into a near rage or an entire frenzy, yet Luke did not give up. Eventually when pursuing an answer to a question of what was wrong with Fiend, even traveling farther from the city and across the world. He discovered the truth of the matter. The Nightmares. The Moodswings, the taste for the blood of other vampires. The compulsive addictions to using Vicissitude were far worse than he imagined. He at first alerted Fiend to the matter. But he did not believe it. Why should he.

This friend was beginning to sound like his sire. The Gangrel brought a Salubri eventually with Fiend's permission to save the others from their fate on the condition he was last to be saved. This is not what occurred as it became clearer and clearer as the nights progressed that Fiend's infection was getting worse. Almost irreversable.   The pack and Salubri then made a plan. They called out their Ductus for an important matter, Managing to draw him away from his lair building and ambushed him. Making him forcibly accept being saved. It was then that for the first time, he could feel again. It was numbed. Barely there, but he could feel. Cruelty became a little harder. He could still kill if he had to, but he slowly was persuaded to release his Thin-Blooded and Caitiff captives.

During these Years free from the grip of the Asakku path, Fiend ascended to Archbishop of Los Angeles. Remaining this way until shortly after being convinced to restore his sire's form to the way it was almost sixty years ago. Once he had it was a bitter truce between the two, until the night Corneliu assisted the Sabbat in loading his childe onto a boat and shipping him to the Philippines.

In the Philippines he ran into a familiar face. Luke. The Gangrel that had saved his soul and life, despite the fact that the local Sabbat had taken Fiend as their new Ductus, (destroying their old one), Luke continued to be around his old friend. Eventually Fiend moving in with him and enduring many challenges of his beliefs, and tests of the Sabbat's codes. Freed from the chains of his former Path, Lazlo found himself more able to think for himself, yet still wished to remain of use.

In this time he confronted what his worse fear was being forgotten. He did not want to die and no one care that he even lived, as if he never was. Luke tried his best to work with him, despite his frequency of frenzy and tendencies to lash out at friends and allies. It was in this city he met Kadenz, a young Tzimisce living in denial of what she is with delusions of how the world works.

They eventually grew apart, and Luke had to leave for his safety as this local pack continued to attempt on his life. Fiend felt alone, once again. As if he was constantly being outgrown and cast aside. It was then that the Second Inquisition began to purge much of the Sabbat, as well as many of the older ones being called away to the Old Lands. Fiend ignored this call, fleeing place to place to stay safe and sane, despite the hushed whispers of the Eldest beginning to creep back into his mind. Eventually he begins to hear rumors of The Siren of Baltimore. Margo.

The same Margo that left him behind when he became Archbishop. A drive for revenge ignited once more and he set off for that city, arriving by ship. His first night in this new city he frenzied, tearing many at the docks to bloody ribbons before wandering the city alone and lost. A Tremere took pity and led the Fiend to the Underground where many of the vampires were hiding out from the Inquisition, this included Margo. He confronted her with intention to kill her since time was likely running out for him anyway, yet he wavered in his resolve when she held tight to him and cried. Unable to believe he was spared the destruction most of his sect endured.

Adapting to Baltimore was slow at first, eventually under potential threat of his life ending due to threatening others far too often He accepted being "saved". Allowing a Salubri by the name of Banki to help him confront his past sins and inner demons, to restore his humanity.

It was here he retook his name of Lazlo Dalca and began his new life. Humanity was hard for Lazlo. He was mentally not prepared for the sheer amount restored, yet tried to hold tight to every scrap of it. Killing became near impossible, only being able to justify feeding on criminals due to his potent blood needing death to sate it. Lazlo was one of many who took up arms to fight a demon that threatened the city, if there was danger to those he cared for, he was there. His journey continued as eventually a mage named Martin would call upon him as well as many others to protect a fledgling world.

While there something happened that he could not have ever imagined. A spirit, curious, glowing, could see what was bound to his soul. The parasite eating away at him all this time that his best efforts could only put to sleep time to time, and it offered to take it from him. Lazlo accepted. Hardly able to believe what he was hearing. He endured the pain, and became something new. But this was just the beginning. Later on another mission beyond his own world to Pangea on a quest to find a way to stop the Black Spiral Dancers from destroying the world Lazlo and the others met Demeter, The Avatar of Gaia herself. She knew what he was, all he has done. But she still blessed him. Changing him into another bloodline fully.

More than just a bane-less deviation of his clan: the first of Pakitor. The guardian bloodline. Now he was bound to Gaia, A protector of the world, even after his own end he would return from the ash if the world had need of him along with all his brood. And able to restore others from death. It was this power he later used to save his Sire from his fate. Making him too of this bloodline. Everything he never dreamed could happen has become true in this city. He is part of something, not Camarilla. Not Sabbat. His sire and he are on more than speaking terms, genuine care between them, and he is no longer corrupted. No longer doomed to drag others down with him to a fate worse than death.


Jessica Waverly

Friend (Important)

Towards Lazlo Dalca



Lazlo Dalca

Friend (Important)

Towards Jessica Waverly




Waverly met Lazlo after her abduction, and he has been her protector and source of information on the world of the Kindred. In her quest to find a Sire to replace Lucien Corbin, Lazlo is one of only two on her list.   Lazlo protected her while on a trip to Egypt to assist in finding a way to stop the Dancers who had held her captive for so long - he encouraged and taught her about the Ravnos, and comforted her multiple times over the trip. Waverly has deep affection for him, but also knows he is perhaps too busy (or too old) to want a Childe.

Persephone Blackwood

Enemy (Important)

Towards Lazlo Dalca



Lazlo Dalca

??? (Trivial)

Towards Persephone Blackwood




Lazlo and Seph met on a journey into one of the Umbral realms. At the time she was known as Waverly, but they remained close afterwards. Demeter gave Lazlo the gift of resurrection at the same time she revealed Persephone for who and what she truly was.

Time passed and while they still considered each other friends, they did not talk much. However, after Andrew Leakey killed Seph's brother figure, Tony, she begged Lazlo to bring him back. Lazlo agreed, and as Seph began to work on a fairy treasure for herself, she turned to Lazlo for advice on crafting it.

 Lazlo encouraged Seph to go on a mission to a Pentex facility. The same one Waverly had been held in. Seph, having the same memories as her vampiric counterpart, was determined to save the other supernatural creatures housed there, but she did not anticipate Corneliu.   Lazlo's sire (and Lazlo himself) burned their way through the facility, torching everything in their path. They slaughtered innocents and guards alike. Seph was uncomfortable with this and took a much gentler approach into the facility, making her way down into the bowels of the building to rescue the prisoners, but then Corneliu attacked. He began to kill every prisoner, helpless in their cells.   Desperately, Seph sent her golem Ahati to hold him off so she could save as many of her kindred spirits from their cells as possible. Corneliu shattered Ahati.   Seph blames Lazlo for not keeping Corneliu under control and for lying to her. She had said the only reason she was accompanying them on this mission was to rescue the prisoners, and he allowed her to think that she could do that, all the while knowing that he or Corneliu would 'cleanse' them from this world.

Date of Birth
October 2nd, 1478
Date of Death
October 2nd 1498
1478 1498 20 years old
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