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Wild Islands

The Wild Islands are the floating islands that are located in the Vaera Kingdom. They are home to some of the most powerful monsters and beasts that are known to man. Adult dragons, wyverns, and many more magical creatures call this place their home. Even veteran adventurers will find It difficult to traverse, let alone slaying the monsters that live here. The Wild Islands are said to be home to several entry points to different planes, especially the Feywild. While the Vaera Kingdom technically has imminent domain over them there is no building or government stationed on them as the dangers that live upon the islands are too great. There are legends of adventurers setting off for the Wild Islands in search of a once in a life time kill quest. The most popular beast to hunt are the wyverns. Large leathery wings with weird blue and green shards of crystals for claws. It is said that these wyverns have evolved to harden their scales and claws on command into diamond. If slain in this crystal state the wyvern is said to burst into a million pieces and leave a diamond heart. This heart is widely saught after by big game hunters for trophies. But the real money is made when selling such a slavage on the black market.   Legend has it that these Wyvern Hearts have magical properties to them allowing magical enchantment to be done quicker and cheaper. However, there has only ever been 2 hearts recovered this way. Most of the time the Wyverns die before taking their diamond form. It takes a certain ranger to be able to beat the Wyvern down just enough to make it go in defensive mode before slaying it. Once this Wyvern is glamed up it is nearly impossible to crack its hide.


There are a total of 11 floating islands that vary from size. Some very large and some the size of a small town. They all float at around the same elevation with it slightly rising with each new island. There is a very feint weak wooden bridge that spans all 11 islands. They are withered and worn no one dares spend the time to repair them. The islands form a sort of "S" pattern when viewed from directly above.


The islands for the most part resemble similarities to normal sea islands. Thick jungles with rivers that run off the edge and down onto the Vaera Kingdom. Unlike some jungles the humidity is almost nonexistant. There are all kind of fey like creatures and beasts that call this place home.

Localized Phenomena

It is said an ancient diamond dragon lies dormant until the worthy prey finds their way to its nest.

Fauna & Flora

Very much similar to typical jungles. But with dinosaurs and such things. Also man eating plants.

Natural Resources

The meat of the boar and birds that roam the island is said to be very tasty as well as have medicinal purposes.


The Wild Islands were one of the first things discovered on the continent of Baephios. Seeing 11 giant floating islands is hard to miss. The Elves were the first to find them and also the unfortunate first to traverse and attempt to plot maps of the islands. Unfortunelty they were not lucky as legend says they were never seen again. However, the few sane adventurers that return swear they have seen some elven folk encased in a hard clear crystal rock on one of the islands, but were unsure of their own memory. As of today there have been a total of 365 adventurers to set out on the journey to the islands and a grand total of 42 adventurers that have made it back alive, and 10 who still have their sanity. Of these 10 individuals 7 have retired and gone off continent and 3 have stayed and now lead the top 3 guilds as guildmasters.


The only people to take up this challenge are the few high ranking adventurers every year or so. Most of the time less than half the party makes it back. The ones that survive usually retire to a nice quiet home on the neighboring continent of Aramelgo.
Island, Floating

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