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Baile Draíochta

21st day of Aibreán, year 1491 SE

Created by

When Laurel (Flame Goddess) created the races of Baile Draíochta with the help of Hadriel (Moirai God), she used primal clay split into mouldable piles. For each race she mixed in the essence of different suns and moons to give them unique traits and separated the clay into two piles. She worked on each race leaving them to bask in the light of the suns but some of the races were shadowed by her and were only able to bask in the light of the moons that reflected the light of the sun. Unaware of her mistakes the goddess breathed life into all her creations giving birth to the Shadow and the Scintillate races.

The Scintillate races hunted the Shadow races almost to the brink of extinction. They believed them to be sick and diseased and sought to eliminate them before it spread to the” healthier” races. This caused the Shadow races to go into hiding and over time learned how to effectively form their own society away from the Scintillate races.