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Artura Reinnleuchte

Former Judicator Artura Reinnleuchte

A native to Faerûn, Artura hailed from Reachwood, a small fishing town that rest northwest from Luskan, along the Sword Coast. She lived her life peacefully with her dad as a fisherman until one night, a drow party appeared at the town gate. Her father, Arthur, was adept at negotiating and brokering a compromise with ruthless raiders, but this time, the drow had other objectives.   Failing to meet the raiders' demands, Arthur tried to evacuate his beloved daughter before the drows caught up, but the raiders clearly anticipated this moment and quickly gained control of the situation. Arthur watched helplessly as they took his daughter and shipped her off into the night, fate unknown.   A group of paladins, returning from their mission, encounters the drow group. After a skirmish, they rescued most of the captive slaves, including Artura. They brought them back to the paladin order's sanctuary and medical attention then proceeded to arrange for their returns. Artura's injuries required lengthier time to heal, thus upon waking from her recovery, all of the captives were already gone. It was Huan Ying that greeted her first, and after listening to her story, Huan Ying gave her two choices: return home and endanger her people, or stay with the paladins and live a meaningful life. The heartbroken Artura weighed the two options, but chose the latter. She understood the stakes, but decided to marshal her strengths so one day, she'll go home with the means to defend her family and home.   She would spend the rest of her years training and touring with fellow trainees and paladins, but Huan Ying was often her main mentor and spiritual guide; teaching her the ethics of righteousness rather than the combative side of paladinhood. It was during this time she met Cúchulainn, a paladin who she spent a lot of time training and sparring with. In response to a war between the paladins and rogues, Artura was transferred to Scáthach, a combat-focused paladin who was also the mentor of Cúchulainn; this union brought the two closer and their relationship deepened.   As more time passed, the fateful night finally arrived. The hopeful paladin trainees were to be inaugurated as full fledged paladins, where they'll swear their oaths and servitude to their gods. On this night, Cúchulainn confessed his affections for Artura. Unsure of his motives at first, Artura reminisce the times they had together and accepted his feelings. Having a mate and a combat partner is one of the best silver-linings she could wish for, given her scenario.   She would later wake from her drunken slumber and find herself in an unfamiliar environment, and a cloaked stranger standing in front of her...

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Despite her weight, her elfish genetics maintains her slender physique.

Facial Features

From her days as an Avariel-Phoelarch mix, her most noticeable feature is the five feathers that form a tiara-like appearance on her head. Smaller plumes and feathers decorated the side and back of her head. Another stark feature was her eyes that was swallowed by her black pupils and black sclera. If it weren't for the emerald green irises that ringed the pupils, one would think she had demonic background.   Now in her Avariel form, her unique features are no more and resumes normal elfish features. Her eyes, released from the black sclera, now have normal green eyes.

Identifying Characteristics

During her Avariel-Phoelarch stage, she had feather features on her upper body and head. Now reborn as a true Avariel, her biggest feature is her snow-eagle wings.

Physical quirks

She is right-handed and wields her shield with so. Believing the right hand should be used to serve for righteous deeds, she wields her shield to protect. And the occasional shield jab. Her left hand bears the sin of violence and act of deliverance.

Apparel & Accessories

Artura tends to favour the comfort and security of Splint Armour.

Specialized Equipment

Inspired from foreign fighters, Artura had a fascination for 'sword maces', which were bar maces with the shape of a thick dull blade. Recent events gave her a magical weapon called the Dragonslayer.   A gift from Hirça, Artura now wields a Dragonscale Shield.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

She hailed from a small fishing town Northwest of Luskan along the Sword Coast. A Drow raid resulted in her captive then rescued by a band of paladins.

Gender Identity





Homeschool, Paladin Training


Paladin of Heironeous

Accomplishments & Achievements

Scored 2nd place at the capital's arena event.

Failures & Embarrassments

Fell victim to a purple wyrm.

Morality & Philosophy

Artura maintained a chaotic-neutral perspective before her paladin life.


There is nothing more despicable than betrayal and dishonesty.

Personality Characteristics


Inspired by her paladin mentors, she strives to live after their footsteps in hopes to gain the strength to return home and protect all things dear to her.

Likes & Dislikes

Artura admires strength, may it be mental or physical, but she favours physical strength. She believes an individual must be physically strong to carry the burdens of their ideals, brain and magic are supplementary.   Artura is smitten by acts of chivalry. Selflessness for the mass and respectful treatment of the opposite sex earns Artura's utmost endearment and respect.

Virtues & Personality perks

Artura is loyal to her allies.

Vices & Personality flaws

Despite her renewed temperance, Artura still has a small flame when it comes to resorting to violence to solve her problems. Because she lived most of her life through physical means; using her cunning is a rare occurrence.


Having learnt of her host realm's luxuries such as personal bath facilities, she try to use them to their full extent when given access to one.


Contacts & Relations

  • Hungry the Consumer, wight, travel companion
  • Irobart, former travel companion
  • Hirça, former caretaker, friend, travel companion
  • Thostin Ray, travel companion
  • Squiggles, ally
  • Céar (Cass), lover...?
  • Talvaster, banker, ally
  • Nchuleft, former superior
  • Nefilhime, former inn keeper
  • Nuthilhédh, former city guard of Deniamu, crown prince
  • Ravenwing Queensly, Ruby faction official
  • Dragnus, dragonborn plague doctor
  • Jubei, former travel companion
  • Nimhe Nathair, friend, travel companion
  • Cúchulainn, former ally and lover
  • Scáthach, former mentor
  • Huan Ying, former mentor
  • Arthur Reinnleuchte, father

Family Ties

Artura has a father back in the Forgotten Realm.

Religious Views

Currently serving the church of Heironeous


Previously an impulsive and quick-to-arms individual, Artura learned to be more patient and tolerant of people's actions. She is likely to threaten violence only when the individual insist on certain undignified actions.


Because of her era, her speech doesn't include slang words or contractions, but she is learning.

Wealth & Financial state

Artura has a decent amount to live by, but she tries to live frugally as money for her is hard to come by. When given the opportunity, she won't hesitate to spend on necessities.

Hailing from a small fishing town of Reachwood, Artura made due with her exile and started her new life as a paladin. She was later magically whisked away to a new realm not familiar to her.

Character Location
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Chaotic Good
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Former Judicator
Year of Birth
1482 SE 9 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
She was born in another realm where time passes differently then this realm. She is 65 years old in her realm but in this realm she is technically 9 years old
Circumstances of Death
Her first death was quite embarrassing as she found herself eaten by a Purple Vyrm. Having died in the creature's stomach, she was reborn as a flame bird who hatched out of an egg after being defecated out into a refused pile.
Current Residence
Hollow Henge
Emerald Green
Pale golden colour with dark red highlights
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
5 ft. 9 in. or 175.26 cm
270 lbs or 122.47 kg
Known Languages
Coiteann, Elvish, Auran, Draconic, Aquan and Under Common (Infernal)

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