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Doctor Anton Parker

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Anton is tall, broad and psychically fit. He has an eerie, unreadable face and strikingly cold eyes. He looks tired, and deceptively mild mannered at first glance.

Specialized Equipment

More than sufficient with guns, highly sufficient with swords.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Anton was raised on a military base floating in deep space known as E-285, one of several military outposts stationed in that part of the galaxy alone. His father was a high-ranking colonel and his mother was a biomedical scientist. He inherited his father's violent streak and his mother's passion for science but developed a particular proclivity for human psychology and physiology.   Never having seen earth and being raised mostly separate from any humans who weren't also military, Anton has a peculiar, cold personality. After getting his doctorate, he went into the front lines of the battle in his early twenties, working as an army doctor. He started experimenting on the patients that he considered to be lost causes, choosing to withhold medicine, give them false information or highly experimental treatments.   He got away with this for a few decades, achieving respect and a notable rank, before being dishonourably discharged for getting into a disagreement with a higher ranking officer, resulting in harsh words being said and fists flying. He returned briefly to his elderly mother on E-285, his father having passed away from an alien disease while Anton was at war. After his mother passed, Anton worked on his own experiments and wrote several books. He was then contacted by Institution and asked to take on the role of the chief scientist in the TWINS experiment, a role which he accepted with aplomb.


Military doctor. Military psychiatrist. Scientist. Chief scientist on TWINS.

Mental Trauma

The man is clearly not alright.

Morality & Philosophy

Anton is self-serving by nature. He's essentially worked and grown up with fascists his entire life. He doesn't necessarily passionately agree with their philosophy, but it is convenient to him. He follows his own moral code which is...dubious at best.

Wealth & Financial state

He has inherited a comfortable amount of money but lives modestly despite this.

Honorary & Occupational Titles
Chief Scientist, Doctor.
Year of Birth
2855 53 Years old
Current Residence
Institution staff quarters.
Gender Identity
Male. He/him.
Pale blue, tired
Neatly cropped, dark brown
Known Languages
English, Russian, probably some rudimentary skills in Alien dialects.
Character Prototype
Jason Isaacs as Captain Lorca (Star Trek) or Dr. Volmer (A Cure for Wellness) are great visual references.

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