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The Bahmis

Dragons, giants and all other ungodly beasts cover in fear of the behemoths that lurk within the Bahmis. the harsh waters kissed by thunder and sun play host to the terrifying Sea-eaters. If the marine life wasn't terrifying enough, the islands on the Bahmis also play host to ruthless barbarian tribes. Many adventurers and explorers have met their doom in pursuit of the island's most precious resource, Obsidian. the Meteor fragment that make up the very islands itself. Even the strongest ships cannot brave the harsh and unforgiving waters of the Bahmis. However, the very waters keeping outsiders away are also responsible for keeping its terrifying residents in...


The Bahmis is a giant lake in the south east region of Bach'rout. Constant storms and gargantuan tidal waves make it nearly impossible to cross. There are dozens of islands scattered in the Bahmis. These islands are made of meteor fragments, which gives it unnatural soil in which strange fauna have adapted to survive. The islands are surrounded by coral reefs which protect it from outside threats. It also consists of many underwater caverns. Due to the conductive properties of the islands, there is a constant threat of lightning strikes. The temperature tends to stay very tropical and humid.

Fauna & Flora

Everyday Marine life Sea-flies, Komodo turtles, Tigerminnow, Barracuda, Devils urchin, Piranhaplankton, Axe-head shark, Seasteeds   Flora Teslatrap, Bloodrose, Twin tail eyeballs, Diamondbreath   Sea-eaters Leviathan, Hydra, Dethking, and many undiscovered   Land Animals Thunder-jaw lions, Wolfsteeds, Grunhounds

Natural Resources

Black-coconut trees and obsidian provide the resources for the natives to build homes and weapons. Their primary source of food comes from fishing. delicacies include Devils urchin, Piranhaplankton and Tigerminnows. Some of the larger marine life are also eaten if caught. The islands do not have access to a fresh water supply. The natives however, have evolved and are accustomed to drinking sea water. the water of the Black-coconuts are used as medicine.
Alternative Name(s)
The Trench of Terrors, The Leviathan's Lair
Included Locations

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