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The Adamsa Desert

The ever foreboding, and deadly, sun parched deserts of Adamsa are only for the very brave, and very foolish. A sense of foreboding is almost immediate upon entering the sun parched valleys and dry river beds that lead to endless sands. The place is known by many names, The Barren Death, The Wastes, The Black Valley, all have a common overriding theme, that of death. Few who enter these barren deserts return at least unscathed if they're lucky, fewer still return at all. The animals that call this place home live a brutal existence, and are thus, highly evolved to kill, scorching heat, deadly animals, and stories abound about what lies in the inner desert make the Adamsa Desert, a daunting prospect for the would be explorer seeking adventure and mineral riches.....


What starts off as dry badlands, rich in minerals, but not much else, slowly forms into an endless sea of sandy dunes, only one source of water is above ground, which forms a river basin ending in a delta, where you'll find the majority of animal life, but certainly not all of them. Rumors abound of vast underground caverns with rivers that feed into the mountains to the north, thus providing water sources to those who can make the climb or whom are industrious enough to pump it out.

Fauna & Flora

Flora: Cacti, Thorn Trees, Scrub Brush, Razor Grass(Delta), Fig Trees (Delta) Fauna: Sidewinder Rattlesnakes, Crocodiles (Delta and offshore), Deathstalker Scorpions, Red Tarantulas, Sand Worms (Inner Desert), Vultures, Rats, Lizards, Perch (Delta), Piranha (Delta), Tigerfish (Delta), Tuna (Offshore), Sharks (Offshore), Wildebeest (Delta).

Natural Resources

While the Delta boasts plenty of hunting and fishing(If one is careful) Most of the Adamsa Desert is known for its stone and rich mineral deposits, iron, and tin to be found nearer the surface, while for the foolish and industrious alike, deeper underground there are deposits of gold, silver, and copper.
Alternative Name(s)
The Barren Death

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